Astrology for 8/19/2017

8/19/2017 Saturday by Norma

“If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands!” goes the song, and today you’re clapping. An emotional surprise is over quickly. A sense of resilience is apparent in all you do, and the wish that difficulties would end is replaced by the knowledge that you can withstand anything that comes your way. Confidence is a nice thing to have, and it’s here now. This is a wonderful time to engage in sports, to have parties, to hold important events, all of which must have been planned previously. Emotional satisfaction is on the table and a surprising breakthrough is on the way, the direct result of your hard work.
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Astrology for 8/18/2017

8/18/2017 Friday by Norma

A family member or loved one makes a conciliatory gesture that solves a problem. It’s tempting to refuse a reconciliation, to stand on your pride (which has been damaged in this instance), but don’t bother. The benefits outweigh the drawbacks here, go ahead and drop it. A new door opens today, one that seems to exist only in your dreams but is real. Health improves in subtle and unexpected ways, and a broader sense of healing takes place. Related to the forgiveness? You decide. A proverb says, “The best doctors are Dr. Diet, Dr. Quiet, and Dr. Merryman.” Spend time with a partner today, and be aware that the future lies in the strength of your current relationships.
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Astrology for 8/17/2017

8/17/2017 Thursday by Norma

Still eating? At a certain moment you will wonder why, and this represents a turning point. Examine the underlying situation and the eating will stop. Something has triggered a surge of emotion: people and things from the past flood your mind, bringing all the joy and sorrow of life back for review. Retrograde Mercury is doing the job! Fix things that need fixing, skip things that don’t, and then move on with your life. Christina Rosetti said, “Better by far you should forget and smile, than that you should remember and be sad.” A major push is underway and parties, celebrations and friends are in the mix. Participate, talk and express yourself.
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Astrology for 8/16/2017

8/16/2017 Wednesday by Norma

The urge to tell everyone everything keeps you chattering away non-stop, but be careful, you’ll say things you ‘ll need to retract later. At the same time the urge to eat everything in sight keeps you munching throughout the day. Rick Stein said, “I love the Chinese words for greeting; not strictly ‘Hello’ but ‘Have you eaten yet?'” You’ll know the answer to this question. This is a great day to push forward with a partnership or social event, provided it has been previously discussed. Confidence makes you impervious to mistakes or gaffes, you’ll laugh them off as you plow ahead cheerfully, talking and eating the whole time. Got a problem? Food is the answer!
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Astrology by Norma: Retrograde Mercury


The planet Mercury appears to go retrograde, to turn around and travel backwards, for three weeks approximately four times a year. “Don’t sign, don’t buy,” is the usual warning for the retrograde Mercury period.

“Don’t sign” refers to contracts of all kinds: a home purchase, rental agreement, lease, marriage document, etc, anything that you hope will work out. Contracts or agreements “Come to nothing,” under retrograde mercury.

“Don’t buy” refers specifically to any kind of machine you expect to be operational- a car, computer, television, you name it.  Machines won’t work, they are lemons.  The tricky troublemaker will get you if you ignore this warning.  “It doesn’t matter,” a woman said as she bought a blender that ended up not working!  If you must buy, save the receipt!

What can you do if you want to sign a contract or make a purchase during retrograde Mercury? There are two options:  first, you may sign or buy if you negotiated the deal previously, if you considered the matter seriously in the past.  Next, you can stall until Mercury goes direct.

Relationships that begin during retrograde Mercury “Come to nothing.” You meet your dream person, everything is perfect, then learn he/she is married, newly escaped from prison, moving to Saudi Arabia or something else that’s a deal breaker.

What’s good about Mercury retrograde?  You’re cautioned to avoid brand new undertakings, but you have a second chance to handle something that didn’t work the first time around.  You get a “do-over” where you need one: you can go back and clean up a mess, fix something from the past. It isn’t often we get a second chance in life, but retrograde Mercury presents that opportunity on a platter! It’s a great time to fix things, repair problems, relationships, to make amends for the past.

Watch for the retrograde Mercury dates, avoid new beginnings and clean up past mistakes and you will be happy with the results.

Mercury will be retrograde two more times in 2017. Mark your calendar!

August 13 to September 5, 2017

December 3 to December 23, 2017

Astrology for 8/15/2017

8/15/2017 Tuesday by Norma

A disagreement is best solved by a third party, one that is both respected and neutral. Pay particular attention to the advice of the one who has been down this road before. Anonymous said, “Take advice from a person who has succeeded in what he/she is advising, not others who lack experience.” You’ll need to ignore your personal feelings today, they are somewhat faulty and will lead you astray. Self confidence is the gift of the times; no matter what you do, you’ll think you’re wonderful! Stick with pre-planned projects, tend to itemized, detailed and long lists of plans, and it’ll be a wonderful day.
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Astrology by Norma THE ECLIPSE!

People are talking about the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21 which will be visible in the United States as it sweeps across the country between Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee and South Carolina.  Thousands are reserving rooms and buying viewing glasses and souvenir items:  t-shirts, mugs, posters, etc. in anticipation of the event.

But apart from the carnival-like atmosphere, the “Be there or be square” vibe, how will the eclipse affect your life?  We know what the physical eclipse means for people but what does the eclipse mean for you personally?
In astrology an eclipse operates like a spotlight that shines a light on a specific area of life, one that will be of special importance for you until the next eclipse of the same kind.  The Solar Eclipse- the eclipse of the Sun- on August 21, 2017 occurs at 28 degrees 53 minutes in the constellation of Leo.  People born on or near August 21, November 21, February 21 or May 21 of any year will be strongly impacted by the eclipse as it contacts your natal Sun. Expect changes in your status, health and relationship with important men in your life, and plan on a new life direction.

The effects of the eclipse will be apparent between August 21, 2017 and February 15, 2018, when the next eclipse changes your focus.
If as you drive down the highway you turn onto highway 405, your direction changes and this determines where you’ll go and what you’ll see next.  A Solar Eclipse changes the direction of your life in the same way.  You head in a new direction and focus on different scenery. Using solar charts, here is the new focus of attention for each of the twelve signs.


ARIES:  Your thoughts turn to love, children, sports and self expression.  Fun is a major focus and you’ll make a definite effort to improve your game in these areas.
TAURUS:  Your attention turns to home and family.  A move, buying a new house, making home improvements or spending special time with family members is promised.
GEMINI:  Learning is on the menu.  You’ll sign up for classes, begin a teaching regimen,
buy a new car and have a new focus on neighbors or siblings.
CANCER:  Money is on your mind.  How to make it, spend it, take care of it. You’ll spend time planning ways to improve your income, possibly finding a new source of income.
LEO:  The spotlight is on you, so make sure you’re ready to be seen. Pay attention to how you look, dress and present yourself.  Fix anything about your body or personality that needs fixing.
VIRGO:  The urge to withdraw and contemplate is strong and it’s important to spend time on your own, thinking about your life and possibly healing from an injury. Circumstances encourage inward time, and helping those less fortunate is highlighted.
LIBRA:  Friends, groups and goal setting are important now. How well do you fit into groups, who are your new friends and what you would like for the future? These things engage your mind. Set goals!
SCORPIO:  You become a public figure in a way that’s unusual for private Scorpio.  How do you present yourself, what is your reputation, how will you function as a leader? You are considering these issues nowadays.
SAGITTARIUS: Higher education, foreign travel, publishing and increased communication with others is highlighted.  Legal matters come to the forefront.  You may go back to school!
CAPRICORN:  Hidden matters, death, support from others, investments and recuperation from a setback are important.  Estate planning and helping others round out the mix.
AQUARIUS: Partnership, marriage and how you connect with others is most important now.  Dealing with the public is highlighted during this time, and your social and diplomatic skills are on display.  Brush up!
PISCES:  Health matters and the work you do occupies your time. Your work skills are important, and a brand new skillset comes into being.  Employees make a strong impact on your life, as do pets.  A new dietary or health regimen is important.

Astrology for 8/14/2017

8/14/2017 Monday by Norma

Shopping is excellent today, provided you focus on things you really need- a new drainage system, a well, or anything involving heavy machinery. Avoid glamour items, you’ll overpay, but you can always return them later! Sentimental gestures are highly valued and effective today: a special gift for a special person is very welcome. Samuel Taylor Coleridge said, “The happiness of life is made up minute fractions- a kind look, a heartfelt compliment, genial feelings.” Steady progress is being made, provided you remember that Mercury is retrograde and it’s best to stick with your previously formulated game plan.

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Astrology for 8/13/2017

8/13/2017 Sunday by Norma

Mercury goes retrograde today, turning your attention toward the past, but life goes forward. It’s time to reconsider prior choices, to go back and change a poor decision, and to spruce up lousy preparation. R. A. Mello said, “Before filling your wheelbarrow, point it in the direction you intend to go.” Avoid initiating brand new activities as they will come to nothing. What’s good today? Dressing up and looking great. Returning purchases that don’t work out, planning the best meal you ever had, and finishing a overdue project.

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Astrology for 8/12/2017

8/12/2017 Saturday by Norma

Ready, set, go! You may pursue your objective today provided you keep your wits about you. Vigilance allows you to move ahead and avoid obstacles that are present today. No problem: you don’t drive with your eyes closed, and you won’t charge ahead with your eyes closed either. Perfect beauty appears, if you’re alert enough to see it. The best example of something you’ve always wanted is here for the taking. Bertrand Russell said, “The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.” Partnerships are excellent, energy is high and fun is on the menu.

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