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Letting Go of Judgment

Letting Go of Judgment

The following is an excerpt from a teaching by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo called “Bodhicitta”

We should begin to think of these teachings that the Buddha has given us in such a way that we awaken within ourselves a real caring for the well-being of sentient beings. If you saw a tiny rabbit [...]

Astrology for 8/28/2014

8/28/2014 Thursday by Norma

Indecision, today is your day to rule! If you absolutely cannot make a decision, do nothing. A confusing situation prevails where it’s impossible to see your way clearly. Diplomacy is ineffective with authority figures: they either ignore you or else deny your request. Dolly Parton said, “The way I see it, [...]

Do We Know How to Be Happy?

Do We Know How to Be Happy?

The following is an excerpt from a teaching by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo called “Faults of Cyclic Existence”

When we broaden our view and look out, we see that this is happening to a greater or lesser degree to all sentient beings. All sentient beings are striving to be happy. They wish to be happy, [...]

Astrology for 8/27/2014

8/27/2014 Wednesday by Norma

Be aware that all your wonderfulness won’t get you what you want today, but your actual contribution will! Correct yourself or accept other people’s opinions and corrections and you will come out in a better place. Matthieu Ricard said, “Simplifying our lives does not mean sinking into idleness, but getting rid [...]

Astrology for 8/18/2014

8/18/2014 Monday by Norma

The news is the news today. Pay attention, something’s going on and everybody’s talking about it. Emotional satisfaction is associated with talk, so express yourself. If you can say it, you can solve it! New inventions and new ideas prevail, and you are temporarily drawn away from your true task: organizing, [...]

Astrology for 8/17/2014

8/17/2014 by Norma

All you feel like doing is lounging on the couch and eating. It’s fine. You’re wiped out after an energetic week. Relax, take it easy and enjoy doing nothing. Everyone feels a bit off their game for most of the day. But things start picking up in the late afternoon when a [...]

Astrology for 8/16/2014

8/16/2014 by Norma

You’re in a three way squeeze play. Buy something and you’re disappointed, give love and you’re ignored, offer support and it’s declined. The open door lies with groups or friends. A group can do something that nobody can do alone. Join up! Call friends! Detailed instructions tell you exactly what to do, [...]

Astrology for 8/15/2014

8/15/2014 by Norma

A steady energy kicks off the day. Everything is stable and secure, until it isn’t! An emotional setback hurts your pride, and at the same moment a soft voice tells you what to do. Ignore your pride and follow the voice. Certain things must be kept secret in this time of bombastic [...]

Astrology for 8/14/2014

8/14/2014 Thursday by Norma

Brilliance characterizes this day! Brains, genius, inventiveness, all of these forces are highlighted. Got a great idea? Put it to work! A peppy, zippy spirit has people high-five-ing each other and feeling good. Alas, less benevolent forces also feel good, so it’s important to remain aware of those around you. Leaders [...]

Astrology for 8/13/2014

Wednesday by Norma

Love is in the air! Romance blooms, and Romeo is under the balcony serenading his beloved. Romance your love, and let yourself be wooed! Give speeches declaring how wonderful your love is, write letters and proclamations. Four planets in Leo bring out both the dignity and also the ham in everybody. Go [...]

Astrology for 8/12/2014

Tuesday by Norma

Two different modes prevail today. What’s most obvious is that pomp and circumstance rule. Put on your best outfit, attend impressive events and let pageantry reign! Impressive people and events are everywhere. Be respectful of the powerful people you meet today, and you will meet them! Shoot off fireworks, have marching bands, [...]

Astrology for 8/11/2014

Monday by Norma

People wake up happy today. A soft, inspiring energy or person brings peaceful thoughts. A willingness to accept whatever comes your way brings a sense of happiness. Marcel Marceau said, “Do not the most moving moments of our lives find us all without words?” Pay close attention to an inspired person, someone [...]

Astrology for 8/10/2014

Sunday by Norma

A three way squeeze play happens today! You want to tend to an important person, a friend or group pulls at you, and a debt or sudden problem demands your attention! Epictetus said, “A ship ought not to be held by one anchor, nor life by a single hope.” Be flexible, willing [...]

Astrology for 8/9/2014

Saturday by Norma

A friend appears who is nice but a time waster, or else you do something with a group and go away wishing you’d done something else. Today’s energy involves individual achievement, not group activity, so do you your best to stay on track. The siren song of a friend or group continues [...]

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