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Astrology for 7/29/2014

7/29/2014 Astrology by Norma

Good sense appears where none has been previously! A careful, intelligent person gives explicit instructions and tells you the secret of life. Listen up; it’s true. The task today involves following the rules diligently while maintaining a happy attitude. Do your own job and ignore others. An emotional conversation is satisfying. [...]

Introduction to Western Chod

Introduction to Western Chod

The following is an excerpt from a teaching by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo called “Western Chod”

The main thought about this teaching that I am going to describe to you is that all of this occurred before I ever met with my root guru, with either one of my root gurus. I have two [...]

Astrology for 7/28/2014

7/28/2014 Astrology by Norma

Excitement is in the air and people are feeling frisky. Combine this with an inclination to be out of touch with reality, and pretty much anything can happen! Josephine Pollard said “The wheel goes round and round, some are up and some are down, and still the wheel goes round.” You [...]

A Better World

A Better World

The following is an excerpt from a teaching by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo called “Western Chod”

I hope all of us will remember that, according to Lord Buddha’s teachings, there are many realms of cyclic existence, more than the human realm. There are lower realms of cyclic existence such as the animal realm, and there [...]

Astrology for 7/19/2014

7/19/2014 Saturday

Stability is here and it’s great. An early happy meal or experience sets the tone for the day. Cooks flavor every morsel with good wishes and food tastes delicious. If you are the cook, outdo yourself. Food equals love today. A purchase solves a medical matter. Need the right pillow or aspirin? You’ll [...]

Astrology for 7/18/2014

7/18/2014 Friday

Emotional matters vie with personal wishes today. It’s a question of what “I” want, versus what’s good for family. Add an insistent partner to the mix and an overload of demands will definitely come today. The good news is that you are just bursting with confidence. “I can handle it,” is your attitude, [...]

Astrology for 7/17/2014

7/17/2014 Thursday

Impulsiveness gets you into trouble early in the day, and you’ll receive feedback on your behavior from family and the world. You’re so sure you are not only right, but also wonderful, that censure rolls directly off your back. Yes, you’re confident, but have some prudence. Avoid aggravating authority figures, those who have [...]

Astrology for 7/16/2014

7/16/2014 Wednesday

A more emotionally satisfying morning could not be invented, so relax and enjoy! Going with the flow has never been better. Have fun, because as the day progresses the mood changes and a jokester hurts your feelings and pops your bubble. Ouch! Don’t forget that a new found confidence and fire has entered [...]

Astrology for 7/15/2014

7/15/2014 Tuesday

A dream or premonition kicks off the day and puts you into a sensitive state. Move slowly until you are fully awake, which will happen after you’ve been up and about for awhile. Medical matters go well; pay special attention to your body and spend time visualizing health in every body part. Those [...]

Astrology for 7/14/2014

7/14/2014 Monday

An exciting event involving a woman provides zip to the day. Love is in the picture, and good news comes from a happy source. Travel, read, learn or involve yourself with technology. Enjoyable conversation and an enthusiastic state of mind cause you to float through the day on a cloud. Stay in your [...]

Astrology for 7/13/2014

7/13/2014 Sunday

A friend or group is important today. Have a get-together! Everyone wants to discuss the past. Don’t be surprised if tears flow; the planet of communication has entered the sign of emotion. An odd combination of feeling and rationality can create misunderstandings. You’ll describe a tender moment, and your companion will analyze it [...]

Astrology for 7/12/2014

7/12/2014 Saturday

Love is in the air and romance blooms. Write love notes, sing love songs, court your beloved with everything you’ve got! Be a perfect fool for love, and you’ll be happy. If this sounds ridiculous, if you’ve turned into a sourpuss about love, revive yourself! Go out and find something or somebody to [...]

Astrology for 7/11/2014

7/11/2014 Friday

Return to earth! An older person or a serious matter draws your attention. Be cautious and thorough as you go through the day. Maintain decorum at all times: dress formally and be respectful toward everyone. Casual behavior invites a rebuke, or worse, from authority figures. Keep your ultimate goal in mind and ignore [...]

Astrology for 7/10/2014

7/10/2014 Thursday

News from afar is interesting. Matters associated with education and spirituality grab your attention, and it’s a great day to engage in big-picture thinking. Imagine that you’re in a spaceship, looking down on Earth, able to see things from that perspective. This makes planning easier than it has been for some time. Discuss [...]

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