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Astrology for 12/19/2014

12/19/2014 Friday by Norma

A serious conversation or meeting with a worried person comes early today. News of a loss is possible, after which the mood changes and people become giddy with good will. Definitely go outside and enjoy the environment; happiness is available in the world as opposed to in seclusion. A fortunate meeting […]

The Choice

The Choice


The following is an excerpt from a teaching by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo offered during a Phowa retreat:

What makes this practice of Phowa different from all of that slip sliding and unpredictability, and unclear cause and effect connections, and lack of understanding as to where things come from and why things are a certain […]

Astrology for 12/18/2014

12/18/2014 Thursday by Norma

The group wants to meet and you want privacy, making things tricky. Or else you want company and others refuse. A fundamental conflict occurs that is best resolved by direct communication: say where and when you are available and hold your ground. Financial and business matters are pressing, and they require […]

Generation Stage Practice and the Bardo

Generation Stage Practice and the Bardo

The following is an excerpt from a teaching by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo offered during a Phowa retreat:

There is one way that you can help yourself to prepare for the bardo state. As I begin to explain the bardo of becoming now, which is the next stage in the bardo, and a very important […]

Astrology for 12/9/2014

12/9/2014 Tuesday by Norma

This is an emotionally productive day. A conversation with a serious person gives background information that is extremely helpful for your objective. A secret is revealed, and a gift or inheritance is available. Apart from this serious interaction, it’s a happy, goofy day. An upbeat spirit all pervasive,if you take advantage […]

Astrology for 12/8/2014

12/8/2014 Monday by Norma

A fortunate partnership can be formed today. A friend is here! This person is bursting with energy and can pull you along, if you’re willing. Flight is highlighted and machines of all sorts are favorable. Hop on an airplane, go for a drive, work on the computer! Feeling like someone from […]

Astrology for 12/7/2014

12/7/2014 Sunday by Norma

A final burst of talk occurs and then the energy changes and people get, well, moody. If you feel morose, weepy, as though something were tugging at your heartstrings, consider what you’re leaving behind. Sentimental attachments have been discounted in the forward surge, and today you are reminded of what they […]

Astrology for 12/6/2014

12/6/2014 Saturday by Norma

A new energy is present that’s shoving everything else aside, and it’s associated with friends and groups. All of a sudden, you are being bombarded with requests, comments and expectations. “You’re one of us, so get busy!” is what you’re hearing. Or else you are pushing the agenda. Once you become […]

Astrology for 12/5/2014

12/5/2014 Friday by Norma

Chatterbox day! You will spend more time talking, sending messages and responding to communications than you thought possible. Everyone wants to express an opinion and hear what you think. Do your level best to reply to all messages, it’s important! The one you neglect to answer will come back to haunt […]

Astrology for 12/4/2014

12/4/2014 Thursday by Norma

If you don’t have a happy, loving day today, you are hiding out! Enjoy the fun, and spend time with the people who mean the most to you. New inventions invigorate people, group activity is exciting and everyone is riled up about everything! Bear in mind that people who are acting […]

Astrology for 12/3/2014

12/3/2014 Wednesday by Norma

A reasonable person steps up and makes decisions. This person is blessed with stable thinking and is unflappable, presenting a contrast to the wild energy of the times. Use the two different qualities that appear: one that sets the goals, and another that tells you how to achieve them. Both are […]

Astrology for 12/02/2014

12/02/2014 Tuesday by Norma

Something wonderful happens this morning. Act quickly because a blockage will occur in time, preventing you from taking advantage of an opportunity. Brisk energy is needed; go everywhere in double time! Irritation will inform you that you’re overdoing: if someone pushes back, slow down and relax. This is a good time […]

Astrology for 12/01/2014

12/01/2014 Monday by Norma

Harmony between men and women, plus excitement about life, characterize today. Steady application of energy in the service of a goal is bringing matters to fruition. Excitement is in the air! Six planets in fire signs reflect energy, happiness and enthusiasm! Take advantage of this good time by starting new things […]

Astrology for 11/30/2014

11/30/2014 Sunday by Norma

Someone articulates an important idea that neatly sums up the situation. You now have clarity about what’s going on, and you move forward with understanding. Buckminister Fuller said, “A problem adequately stated is a problem well on its way to being solved.” A hardworking person is steadily pouring energy into a […]

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