Astrology for 5/17/2017

5/17/2017 Wednesday by Norma

Wait it out if you seem to have lost something, it’ll be back soon. A leader pushes an unworkable plan, one with no broad support, which becomes crystal clear with the passage of time. The strength of the day lies in intuitive perception that allows you to move through time happily, secure in the support of friends and partners. Pay special attention to what you know to be true, act on this, and you won’t go wrong. Oscar Wilde said, “A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.” Today happiness comnes through groups, friends, ignoring what seems to be happening in favor of what is coming, and tending to small tasks. Yes, you still have to do your homework!

Astrology for 5/16/2017

5/16/2017 Tuesday by Norma

Mercury moves into peaceful Taurus and excited utterances decline, bringing conversation back into the realm of reasonable back and forth. (Unlike the raucous speed of the past month). An early morning moment of unbalance rights itself as the day progresses. You are in the process of building a stable base, though this seems doubtful at times, and a secure foundation-one you yourself built- will stand you in good stead. Elizabeth Ann Seton said, “When so rich a harvest is before us, why do we not gather it? All is in our hands if we will but use it.” Love is fun now, thinking is whip smart and on point, and partnership moves forward nicely.

Astrology for 5/15/2017

5/15/2017 Monday by Norma

A three-sided stalemate occurs where the best response is a temporary retreat until you decide how to handle matters. Avoid an emotional outburst in response to learning of a situation, a natural first reaction. Be aware that the person with the most seniority is in charge and you must not challenge that authority. Someone wants to show people “Who’s the boss” today. Winston Churchill said, “The
finest combination in the world is power and mercy. The worst combination in the world is weakness and strife.” As the day progresses excitable thinking calms down and a “What, me worry?” attitude
prevails, a big improvement. Love is great today, partnership is excellent, athletes are successful, finances are stable and scientific discoveries are astounding.

Astrology for 5/14/2017

5/14/2017 Sunday by Norma

Formality is highlighted today and rambunctious behavior is entirely out of place. Dress your best in honor of the occasion, play your part well, and wait until you get home to relax and let your hair down. Group activity is highlighted and everyone is welcome. Winston Churchill said, “Usually youth is for freedom and reform, maturity for judicious compromise, and old age for stability and repose.” Keep this in mind and you will have a wonderful day.

Astrology for 5/13/2017

5/13/2017 Saturday by Norma

Long-range planning is favored today. Expand your vision as far out as possible and decide what you would like to be doing in the months and years to come. Unusual ideas combine with down-to-earth strategic thinking to generate a workable future. A temporary sense of doubt appears as you wonder if you have all the information necessary to do what you’re proposing, and an older or more experienced person is on the scene to assuage your concerns. Don’t hesitate to ask for strategic advice if you need it. George Santayana said, “Knowledge of what is possible is the beginning of happiness.” In the midst of this busy, exciting time, a stable center is always present any time you need to take a break.

Astrology for 5/12/2017

5/12/2017 Friday by Norma

A friendly gesture is helpful today and a partner gives you a push where you’ve gotten bogged down. Everything is in motion and you’re juggling like mad, making it hard to take additional demands in stride gracefully. Remember the kindness others have shown you in the past and you’ll respond well to unexpected requests. It’s a great time for activity and communication and also to take quiet time for yourself. Indira Gandhi said, “You must learn to be still in the midst of activity, and to be vibrantly alive in repose.” The time you need a break the most is when you feel least able to, and that time is now. What’s good? Happy love relationships, successful business ventures, brilliant thinking and fast action sprinkled with carefully spaced down time.

Astrology for 5/11/2017

5/11/2017 Thursday by Norma

Thinking is rock solid and speed is a feature of the times. Be ready to turn on a dime if a favorable option appears and don’t stand on ceremony. A partner is helpful in many ways and travel is favored. Foreign things and people assist your cause, the news is interesting and inspiring, and the busier you are the happier you are. Winston Churchill said, “In life’s steeplechase one must always jump the fences when they come.” Brilliant thinking is here so write down your thoughts and attend classes and
speeches. Learn! The day begins quietly and picks up speed as it progresses. Happiness is on the table, excitement is in the air and partnership is favored.

Astrology for 5/10/2017

5/10/2017 Wednesday by Norma

Run your ideas past a partner and you’ll receive support as well as contradictory advice. Today you must do your own thinking; it’s important to speak for yourself, not for somebody else. You’re in the midst of a growth spurt and all you need to do is let it happen. Avoid meddling with a natural process, and this is the conundrum of the day: you want to speed things up. Margery Allingham said, “Waiting is one of the great arts.” It’s a full moon day, so expect plenty of emotionalism and be ready to entertain both sides of any question. What’s good? Brains! Great ideas! Be sure you know where you’re headed before charging, as there’s a danger of getting lost. This is a surprisingly fun time, enjoy it.

Astrology for 5/9/2017

5/9/2017 Tuesday by Norma

Indecision is now a thing of the past and you are carefully planning the next step in your business, whatever it may be. Powerful forces sweep matters along like a tidal wave, moving you in the right direction. Let go of the idea that you are making things happen; you are flowing with a larger current. Friends are willing to help and plans made in the immediate future are successful. The only way to prevent this from happening is to stay in bed, glue yourself to the television and refuse to do anything. The Bible says, “Observe the opportunity.” Love is fun, change is happening, and everything moves ahead successfully. The center of the current excitement is surprisingly peaceful and confident. Maintain inner stability and everything is possible.

Astrology for 5/8/2017

5/8/2017 Monday by Norma

An accommodation is made today that solves a problem to everyone’s satisfaction. High five! The rightness of what is happening is palpable. A swift communication stabilizes a new partnership that operates with surprising effectiveness. A couple of emotional glitches will arise, some “Hey what about this?” conversations will occur, but the intrinsic solidity of the plan remains intact. It’s a brand new time and everything is in motion, everything is changing and you must change with it. Jean Dubuffet said, “Unless one travels to completely new territories, one can expect merely a long wearing away of oneself and an eventual extinction.” What’s good today? Brilliant ideas, new inventions and techniques, new plans that sweep away the deadwood of the past. Hop on the “change train” for a new life.

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