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Supplication to Mandarava

Supplication to Mandarava

From: The Lives and Liberation of Princess Mandarava “Dissolving in the expanse of space like a rainbow, without remains, She departed to the Akanishta Paradise of Pamavyuha. She transformed into the embodiment of the supreme consort, The secret primordial wisdom dakini. To the feet of Mandarava, I supplicate! Together with nine hundred pure awareness [...]

Astrology for 9/18/2014

9/18/2014 Thursday by Norma

Confusion continues to be a problem. An ebullient Mars wants to rush off and do something, anything, and urges you to leap into action mindlessly. Tripping, falling and getting stuck are possible. As the day progresses, clear instructions come and you can move forward with confidence. Men and women are in [...]

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

The following is an excerpt from a teaching by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo called “Keeping Heart Samaya”

When we consider the student’s relationship with the teacher on this path, we are talking about very high stakes. We are not talking about a student-teacher relationship in order to get through a six week course. We are [...]

Astrology for 9/17/2014

9/17/2014 Wednesday by Norma

A day with more potential for emotional upset cannot be fathomed, nor a day with more opportunity! Tread carefully because emotions drive action; get a grip on yours. How you handle things makes all the difference. A shock is best solved by working on the problem rather than venting. A tactless [...]

Astrology for 9/8/2014

9/8/2014 Monday by Norma It’s very difficult to get moving today. If you must rise early, you’ll be in a daze until noon, or later. Pace yourself carefully between work and relaxation. Do one, then the other. If you snooze on the job, or try to work during your break, it won’t work! It’s a [...]

Astrology for 9/7/2014

09/07/2014 Sunday by Norma

Emotions are triggered by an interaction early in the day. Stifle yourself until the moment passes. Listen politely to opinions with which you disagree, and be aware they are opinions, not facts. A group comes up with an unworkable idea. Let the moment pass and pretend it never happened. Good fortune [...]

Astrology for 9/6/2014

9/6/2014 Saturday by Norma

You’re pulled in two directions and can’t make up your mind which to choose. Choose neither: do one, then the other, but don’t try to mix or combine them. It won’t work! A friend or group comes up with a great idea, accept it! Group matters go well, if undertaken early [...]

Astrology for 9/5/2014

9/5/2014 Friday by Norma

Feeling super-serious, as though you must make your mark on the world or be called a failure? The urge to climb the ladder of success drives people today. Try to wait the feeling out. It’ll pass and you’ll feel better. A judgmental energy is here and people are evaluating themselves with [...]

Astrology for 9/4/2014

9/4/2014 Thursday by Norma

A serious conversation involving a secret matter pushes a work project forward. Act immediately on instructions you are given. If you wait, the situation will change and something will interfere with what you’re doing. Everything is lining up nicely and falling into place. It’s a great time to organize things. Men, [...]

Astrology for 9/3/2014

9/3/2014 Wednesday by Norma

Love is in the air, flashy stuff, so look your best. The better you look, the better you feel, so pull out all the stops today. If your wardrobe is non-negotiable or non-changeable, at least give the world a great big blimpy smile! Set aside your complaints for today, you can [...]

Astrology for 9/2/2014

9/2/2014 Tuesday

By mid-day people will have achieved success on the job, insulted a hard working person with a tactless remark, and offered something with uncommon generosity. After lunch, a brilliant idea changes the game. A new diplomatic strategy is introduced and diplomacy is afoot. “After you,” “No, after you,” people say to each other. [...]

Astrology for 9/1/2014

9/1/2014 Monday by Norma

A leader continues to perform semi-miracles; stand back and watch the fun. Or else step up and perform a few yourself. Success comes as a direct result of careful planning, research and attention to detail. It’s not possible to bluff your way through, so don’t try- the unprepared are sent to [...]

Astrology for 8/31/2014

8/31/2014 Sunday by Norma

Difficult news brings a choice, a fork in the road. Your response provides a snapshot of how you will negotiate the times to come. Respond with anger and depression, and the road will be difficult. Respond with determination and commitment, and things will go easier. Will you be a warrior or [...]

Astrology for 8/30/2014

8/30/2014 Saturday

Return to earth! Good sense and a shrewd assessment of reality characterize this day. Confidence appears where uncertainty was previously. Men and women are in harmony. A suggestion offers the way out of a stalemate. Inspiration and a medical cure can come today. Look deeply into your current situation: you can understand things [...]

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