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Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear

An excerpt from a teaching by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo from the Vow of Love Series

Do you remember the innocent sense of longing you felt when you first started to seek the spiritual path? You must have felt it at one point or another, or you could not receive this teaching. You could not. […]

Astrology for 10/7/2015

10/7/2015 Wednesday by Norma

Get started early today for best results. A leader comes up with an excellent plan, and the presence of a new player on the field is a happy surprise: someone is here to help! A long period of going it alone is drawing to a close. New, workable policies are replacing […]

With Prayers of Longing

With Prayers of Longing

An excerpt from a teaching by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo from the Vow of Love Series

Let’s say you’re not up to following a qualified teacher. Let’s say you don’t go that route. You can still meditate. You can still follow those basic precepts that are brought to us through the enlightened mind of the […]

Astrology for 10/6/2015

10/6/2015 Tuesday by Norma

Feeling pressed for time, as though you’re being squeezed from all sides? Relax, you are! The nice part is that the immediate squeeze ends today, and the better part is that your current project is well planned and will succeed IF you persevere. Yes old matters continue to need attention- the […]

Astrology for 9/27/2015

9/27/2015 Sunday by Norma

The Pisces moon brings lazy, sleepy times early today so have no expectation of vigorous activity. You’ll notice the minute the sign change occurs, suddenly you’re on your feet proclaiming, “Let’s get this show on the road!” It’s the perfect moment to put your plan into action, and not before. Step […]

Astrology for 9/26/2015

9/26/2015 Saturday by Norma

Excellent news; a slow moving person has had a change of heart and is willing to participate-at a glacial pace, of course. Speed comes with time, so be patient. Re-doing is the theme nowadays be a good sport about backtracking as old matters cycle around (again!) for review. Be aware that […]

Astrology for 9/25/2015

9/25/2015 Friday by Norma

The God of War has entered the sign of detail and if you aren’t working hard you’ll feel upset, so work! Do not, however, attempt to change the guidelines or laws of a larger entity for your own benefit. (“It’s ok to violate rules or regulations I don’t agree with.”) No, […]

Astrology for 9/24/2015

9/24/2015 Thursday by Norma

Indecision is a problem today and obsessive thinking- yours and everyone else’s- is gaining momentum. You are trying to make a decision without all the necessary information; an important piece is missing. Wait two days before making a plan or policy statement; the current situation is too changeable and indefinite. It’s […]

Astrology for 9/23/2015

9/23/2015 Wednesday by Norma

Partnership rules! Two can accomplish something that is unheard-of and impossible for a single person today. The moment you join forces and abandon your solitary ways, an option appears that was previously invisible. Take it, even though it feels strange and somewhat uncomfortable. Gelett Burgess said, “If in the last few […]

Astrology for 9/22/2015

9/22/2015 Tuesday by Norma

A discussion pulls you in over your head and no reasonable resolution is in sight: the more you talk, the worse it gets. The problem you want to solve is unsolvable in its current form and indecision is rampant. Take a step sideways, move in an entirely different direction, engage in […]

Astrology for 9/21/2015

9/21/2015 Monday by Norma

Tilting at windmills or revisiting an old topic you abandoned as hopeless? The past has returned to remind you that anything you didn’t complete is coming back! It is important to be both kind and precise (‘This is where I stand regarding this matter.”). Unknown said, “If you don’t stand for […]

Astrology for 9/20/2015

9/20/2015 Sunday by Norma

Travel, fun, sports and get-togethers of all sorts make this a wonderful day. Fire signs are friendly, adding extra juice and enjoyment to everything you do. Stay home and you’ll miss out on the fun; go out and participate and you’ll have a smile on your face. Spend time in light, […]

Astrology for 9/19/2015

9/19/2015 Saturday by Norma

Congratulations! You have tiptoed past a confusing time, solved a three year old problem, and headed in a new direction. Issues relating to the law, foreigners, and principles must be addressed. How do you plan to deal with something that has steadily increased in seriousness? Concept meets reality: it’s easy to […]

Astrology for 9/18/2015

9/18/2015 Friday by Norma

Keep a secret from a person who should be in the loop and you’ll have to apologize today. You have an excuse- you’re working so hard to fix things that you forgot. Eat crow and move on. A relentless energy keeps your feet to the fire today. You’d rather relax and […]

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