Astrology for 4/27/2017

4/27/2017 Thursday by Norma

You are able to look through an opening and see the future today, keep an eye out for this experience. It’ll come and go in a flash but you’ll know what to do after it happens. Happiness is back on the menu and a combination of intelligence and stability brings satisfaction. Mercury is still in retrograde, reminding you to file your taxes (“oops- forgot!”), renew your driver’s license and anything else that slipped right past you in the hubub of daily life. Pema Chodron said, “Just where you are-that’s the place to start.” A certain quickness and agility is present that allows you to work fast, walk fast and zip through projects. A last minute healing regimen handles a pesky problem, and love is in bloom.

Astrology for 4/26/2017

4/26/2017 Wednesday by Norma

The new moon day gives you a whole new start for the month, and peaceful Taurus feels just right for those who have been buffeted by rambunctious Aries planets. Need a rest? This is your time to be relaxed and smart as a whip, a great combination! You are blessed with stability of purpose, determination and intelligence. Abraham Lincoln said, “Always remember that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” Partnership is excellent, diplomacy is excellent and conversations are invigorating.

Astrology for 4/25/2017

4/25/2017 Tuesday by Norma

An early stroke of good fortune starts things off on the right foot. This is a perfect day to set off on a long-planned trip, to fire a missile at long last or launch an enterprise that kept stalling out.
All favorable forces are lined up for success. Do not take action on the basis of a sudden whim, though, it will come to nothing. Friendly forces are here to accompany you on your quest and enthusiasm is high. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “The world belongs to the energetic.” Barrel around fixing things, helping people and expressing concern for everyone. You could just be the person whose attention makes someone’s day!

Astrology for 4/24/2017

4/24/2017 Monday by Norma

Energy! You have it and so does everyone else. An early announcement or statement kicks off the activity for the rest of the day, and fast thinking is highlighted. Women are a source of
inspiration and men are willing to follow along cheerfully. “What’s the plan?” is on everyone’s lips. The problem, of course, is that Mercury is still retrograde and a “Great leap backward” is possible. If you’ve done something before don’t do it again, it’ll work out the same as last time. This is a great day to reflect on your deepest beliefs. The image of a corralled horse bucking around is apt, feeling frisky but nowhere to go. What’s good today? A recent sadness is behind you and options appear where none were possible before. Spend time thinking about finances, making deals and cleaning up old messes. They will now stay cleaned up.

Astrology for 4/23/2017

4/23/2017 Sunday by Norma

Men are cheerful, buying supplies and making preparations for what is to come. It is difficult to see that a sad parting today brings happiness in the future, but it does, and knowing this makes it easier to bear. James Lane Allen said, “You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.” A conversation that revisits the past has a stabilizing effect on your thinking. The news is electrifying and favorable. Partners are helpful but the individual is the major player today; the ability to determine your own course has never been more important. Ask everyone’s advice and you’ll get so many answers that you’ll be paralyzed by indecision. Make up your own mind and the way will be clear.

Astrology for 4/22/2017

4/22/2017 Saturday by Norma

Peace, this is your day. A painful situation is waning and something that seemed etched in stone is dissolving. The problem is that right now you want to tell everyone about what you’ve been through, and this you should not do. Be aware that discussing something that has ended breathes new life into it, brings it back. Escapist behavior is excellent today: go to the movies, paint, create, listen to music, spend time near water. Groups are supportive and machines are helpful. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “This time, like all times, is a very good one if we but know what to do with it.” Emotion is in charge now and rational thought seems to have taken a vacation. Mercury is retrograde and nobody’s thinking straight. That clears things up! Relax, take it easy, take a bath.

Astrology for 4/21/2017

4/21/2017 Friday by Norma

A chatterbox is here: someone is willing to say more than you want to hear and angry if you tire of listening. Exercise is the solution, plus writing, studying and thinking. Go for a run or a walk, call your neighbor, brother or sister. This is the perfect day to write your letter to the editor, your position statement or your book. A painful secret comes to light, clarifying the situation, and a group rallies round to give support. The urge to be fair gets you into trouble: you extend a hand to the wrong person and get stuck. A New York road sign says, “Choose your rut carefully; you’ll be in it for the next ten miles.” What’s good today? Brilliant ideas from intelligent sources, help from more experienced parties and as the day progresses, shopping!

Astrology for 4/20/2017

4/20/2017 Thursday by Norma

The Sun and Mercury cross paths today, making it time to discuss and handle financial matters that need fixing or stabilizing. If you’ve changed your mind about something, speak up. Friends are a godsend: generous, loyal and willing to offer partnership and support. Be grateful, and be willing to chart your own course since nobody’s situation is exactly the same as yours. H.P. Liddon said, “What we do upon some great occasion will probably depend on what we already are; and we are will be the result of previous years of self-discipline.” Saturn continues to shower grief on Venus. The sooner you accept a loss, the better. What’s good today? Last minute purchases, remembering your goals, partnership and as the day progresses, conversation! People start talking and can’t stop! If you have something to tell someone, this is your day.

Astrology for 4/19/2017

4/19/2017 Wednesday by Norma

Friends appear bringing happiness but you must not listen to their financial advice, it’s wrong. A last-gasp surge of belligerence simmers down during the day and life seems reasonable again. You’ll just want to relax and think pleasant thoughts, relieved that the Sun has finally left excitable Aries and moved into peaceful, good-natured Taurus. George W. Bush said, “We are ready for any unforeseen event which may or may not happen.” Alrighty! Spend time with friends, special partners and the people who generate a sense of peace and well being and put you in the right mood to deal with whatever comes your way today.

Astrology for 4/18/2017

4/18/2017 Tuesday by Norma

People express deeply held convictions that directly contradict another groups’ belief in the right to free expression. Give others’ beliefs the same respect you offer your own, and keep your hands off other peoples’ bodies and possessions! Shakespeare said, “He jests at scars who never felt a wound.” Freedom of belief doesn’t mean freedom to cause damage or run stop signs today as “do your own thing” thinking confronts conservatism. What’s good? Leaders are stable and thoughtful, kindness transforms tricky situations and partners are excellent. Financial matters go well and a purchase solves a problem.

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