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Astrology for 2/5/2016

2/5/2016 Friday by Norma

A magnetic leader or man is helpful in terms of offering information and friendship. If you accept what’s proffered you will move forward, but it’s your choice. In a different area, you have a small opportunity to get something you want, but act quickly before the door closes leaving you with […]

Astrology for 2/4/2016

2/4/2016 Thursday by Norma

Fortunately, the inflammatory aspects of the day are balanced by thoughtful wisdom, and it’s a good idea to remember this as you go about your day. Men are more vulnerable than women to the trouble stirred up by the Sun travelling in a negative aspect to Mars. Beware of impetuous actions, […]

Astrology for 2/3/2016

2/3/2016 Wednesday by Norma

A very wise decision is made today that helps stabilize an inflammatory situation. Keep the decision in mind as you go through the day. Spend time on domestic matters, with women, children and family and you’ll be happy. Avoid troublemakers. Ask permission from the person in authority before taking action and […]

Astrology for 2/2/2016

2/2/2016 Tuesday by Norma

A secret is revealed and hidden things are discovered, introducing the question, “How should this be handled?” This is what everyone is asking. Two modes are possible: justice or vengeance, and each has supporters. If you find yourself inclined to join a possee, consider the situation carefully, no good will come […]

Astrology for 2/1/2016

2/1/2016 Monday by Norma

An exciting beginning to the day is promised: a jangling alarm, a phone call at 5am? Something gets you moving fast! Be grateful, quick action is excellent. A business opportunity appears and prompt action is required. Snooze and you lose. A problem is being resolved, and something allows you to sidestep […]

Astrology for 1/31/2016

1/31/2016 Sunday by Norma

Groups and friends are fun, but secret conversations resolve issues that can’t be discussed in public. Take advantage of an offer, it’s a good one. This is an excellent day to engage in business, sign contracts and make purchases. Romance is in the picture, too. Groups are somewhat befuddled, but individuals […]

Astrology for 1/30/2016

1/30/2016 Saturday by Norma

This is a great day to spend with a partner. Individual activity generates indecision, but a partner offers ideas and direction. John Gay said, “If the heart of a man is depressed with cares, the mist is dispelled when a woman appears.” This is a relaxing day during a busy season, […]

Astrology for 1/29/2016

1/29/2016 Friday by Norma

Feeling indecisive, uncertain about which way to go? Stick with duty, the things to which you are committed, and avoid confronting authority or striking out on an independent course of action. Friends and groups are excellent, provided you avoid making loans or giving in to an unexpected demand that’s annoying. Shakespeare […]

Astrology for 1/28/2016

1/28/2016 Thursday by Norma

A well-spoken diplomat is solving problems you didn’t know you had. Pay attention to the person who is not speaking, this one holds the power and is actively engaged behind-the-scenes. A leader is unconnected and out of the loop. Be sure to let people know what you are doing, if they […]

Astrology for 1/27/2016

1/27/2016 Wednesday by Norma

The best comment, bit of news or idea comes early in the day, right after a demoralizing moment. Watch for it and act on it. Someone can tell you the secret of the universe, how to solve your most pressing problem, and the correct Powerball number. All you have to do […]

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