Astrology for 3/22/2017

3/22/2017 Wednesday by Norma

Be on the lookout for mood swings, emotional outbursts and sudden upsets before noon today. Something is a sudden game changer, after which you’ll go in a different direction. Aries planets are out running stop signs, waving at everyone and chasing attractive strangers. Have fun today but tone it down when an authority figure shows up. Alban Goodier said, “The enthusiastic, to those who are not, are always something of a trial.” Ebullience and stodginess compete for dominance today, which role will you play? It is up to you, but happiness has the edge. What’s good today? Shopping, being out and about, enjoying life with friends and special time with a partner.

Astrology for 3/21/2017

3/21/2017 Tuesday by Norma

A serious interaction solves a lingering problem and sensitivity is required, which is completely at odds with the exuberant tone of the times. Know when to be jaunty and when to be tender and the day goes well. Avoid the tendency to blurt out private information during a happy conversation. Maintain professional dignity at work and cut loose elsewhere. Keep your attention on your own behavior for best results today. Leo Tolstoy said, “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” This is a good day to exercise, to initiate a new venture, to cure a malady and to share agreeable information.

Astrology for 3/20/2017

3/20/2017 Monday by Norma

Ready, set, go! It’s time to charge into action, or at the very least step aside to avoid being trampled. Spirited debates predominate and everyone has an opinion about everything! Men are fired up
and assertive, women are talkative and everyone is interested in spending money. Five planets in fire signs are invigorating and inspiring. Get an early start today, as you will need to get serious in the afternoon when a blockage pops up. Avoid the temptation to charge into trouble, to talk back to a peace officer giving you a traffic ticket, etc, it’s a time waster. But you won’t care. Carl Jung said, “If you have nothing at all to create, then perhaps you create yourself.” Create yourself happy and enthusiastic today.

Astrology for 3/19/2017

3/19/2017 Sunday by Norma

If you have been feeling mopey about something don’t worry, things are changing and life is looking happy again. A lingering ailment is healed, a secret sorrow is relinquished and you are full of zip, ready to meet the world again! Fire signs predominate, a tonic after the Piscean angst of the past month. You’ll want to run, skip, hike and sing cheerful songs as the day moves along. Nikos Kazantzakis said, “Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality.” The big picture is once again appealing and travel, philosophy and sports put a bounce in your step. Go somewhere, anywhere, and watch the world transform as your spirits soar.

Astrology for 3/18/2017

3/18/2017 Saturday by Norma

Pleasant aspects make for a nice day, one that is free from most of the recent dust-ups of the times. Happy talk, combined with good will in communication, is a feature of the day. If you have something nice to say, a compliment to deliver, today is the day! Brisk activity is satisfying and a plan for a new beginning is in the air. Ninon de Lenclos said, “Today a new sun rises for me; everything lives, everything is animated. Everything seems to speak to me, everything invites me to cherish it.” This enjoyable day compensates for the bad dream or difficulty that occurred late last night. Hopefully you slept through it.

Astrology for 3/17/2017

3/17/2017 Friday by Norma

An ego-squash is possible today. Something that has been heading your way makes an appearance, and you must accept reality, take your medicine, and be glad it’s over. Whew! A supportive person is on your side, convinced you’re right, and ready to help in whatever is required. Happy talk and good-natured banter offer a cheerful element today, and authors and commentators have plenty to chuckle about. Phone calls, conversations and communications are light in tone and invigorating. Agnes Repplier said, “We cannot really love anyone with whom we do not laugh.” The prevailing energy turns from serious to humorous, and all you have to do is wait.

Astrology for 3/16/2017

3/16/2017 Thursday by Norma

Financial matters go well and investments are highlighted today. Support comes in from multiple directions and is a direct result of the support you have given others. A behind the scenes person is on your side and this relationship stabilizes how you appear in public. Reputations are being made and damaged now and it’s quite important to choose your words carefully: a private thought could go public with embarrassing results. Sydney Biddle Barrows said, “Don’t say anything on the phone that you wouldn’t want your mother to hear at your trial.” This is a good day to behave with discretion, to engage in athletic pursuits, to contact old loves and to go shopping.

Astrology for 3/15/2017

3/15/2017 Wednesday by Norma

If you’re hiding out from a problem, you have two more days to lie low. If you are oblivious to the problem, pay special attention to what is right beneath your nose. Henry James said, “Try to be one of the people on whom nothing is lost.” Diplomatic silence is excellent today as any words, no matter how carefully thought through, will be misconstrued and come back to haunt you. Both assertiveness and compliance are required to navigate things, and experience points you in the right direction. The tone of the day changes by afternoon and a new certainty is present. Make your move when this energy appears. This is a good day to help others, to offer the wisdom of your own experience, to contact old loves and to make investments.

Astrology for 3/14/2017

3/14/2017 Tuesday by Norma

Mental alertness is highlighted today. Thinking is razor sharp: you know exactly what you plan to do and how you’ll do it. Watch your tone as you speak, words come out harsher than intended. If someone cringes, apologise and make your point in kinder terms. Intellectual acuity more than makes up for
the mental torpor of the recent past. Manual and physical dexterity is outstanding today: surgeons, welders, dentists, boxers, and tailors do excellent work, as do golfers, jugglers, drivers and writers. Piscean energy is still strong, so do your best to consult your intuition before taking action. W. H. Murray said, “The moment one definitely commits oneself, providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would have not otherwise occurred.” Avoid name calling, driving too fast or using rude hand gestures today.

Astrology for 3/13/2017

3/13/2017 Monday by Norma

Indecision is an issue today. You can’t make up your mind: you need advice, but nobody can answer your question. The minute you come to a decision, it is voted down, forcing you to begin again. The only way to turn is inward. This is a perfect day to entertain possibilities you’ve never considered, to speculate, ruminate and dream. You ‘ll be surprised by what comes to mind. Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” Tomorrow you’ll be able to put your plan into play, today you must dream it. Shopping for necessities is satisfying and an impulse purchase is excellent.

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