Astrology for 7/18/2017

7/18/2017 Tuesday by Norma

Public figures, leaders and men are jumpy and quick to take offense today. The Sun and Mars travel together in Cancer and people who should know better are acting like babies having a meltdown. Commit yourself to being the adult in the room and pass out out reassurance, hugs and snacks. Be aware that the tantrum thrower will change soon, be all smiles and wonder why everyone is upset, at which point you may feel a tantrum coming on. Joseph Joubert said, “Children need models more than they need critics.” Charming Venus in Gemini lightens the mood with pleasantries, jokes, games, smiles and kind words. Shopping is excellent today, financial matters go well and a diplomat defuses a tense situation. If you can’t be that diplomat, at least don’t wear others out with your emotional venting.

Astrology for 7/17/2017

7/17/2017 Monday by Norma

Unexpected events and behavior are disorienting today and it’s best to avoid odd or unusual situations. A sudden, lightening-like strike can occur and you don’t want to be in the vicinity when it happens. Emotional upsets are everywhere and it’s best to assume an attitude of tolerance toward anyone in emotional distress. The Bible says, “Let reason go before every enterprise, and counsel before every action.” Kind, well-meaning speech is the savior of the day. Offer encouragement and consolation to others and mix in a bit of levity. Relationships are created and broken based on the quality of conversation today. Call, telephone, write and mix with the people whose company you value. The urge to shop and spend is strong but other issues are more pressing. Wait until tomorrow.

Habitual Tendency


The following is an excerpt from a teaching by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo called “Art of Dispelling Anger”

If you have the habit of gossip, go through the method. Fix it. Understand that if you allow that hatred in any form to continue, you will get more and more unhappy as you age. The people who are youthful and beautiful when they are elderly are the people who kept something alive, even if they aren’t Buddhist. I’ve met people like that. A duty, a responsibility, an ethical responsibility they feel to be kind. Maybe they don’t understand extraordinary kindness, but they are kind. An ethical responsibility to not put shit in the pool of earth. Some people just seem to have that karma to understand that even without the Buddhadharma. I respect that so much.

And that’s true of all of us, too. As we get older, we get the wrinkles. and this is crazy, the wrinkles, and this is crazy, the wrinkles, and this is crazy, the wrinkles. It’s a symbol, if you think about. It’s a symbol of how much deeper the lines of our habitual tendencies get over time. Do you see what I am saying?  Our habitual tendency is in our posture; it’s in our face. We screw up our faces when we are doing our habits, and all of this aging stuff is phenomena—our phenomenal habitual existence becoming more solid and more real and more heavy in samsara as we get older. That’s unfortunately how most people age. They get stiffer. They get harder. They get querulous, frightened to death, frightened of death. And for many people, it’s an ugly, humiliating time.

I don’t want that for you. But it’s going to happen if you don’t take yourself in hand and say, ‘Let’s walk through this.’ Really look to benefiting yourself. Instead of being steeped in habitual hatred, conquer that monster. It’s a bubble; it’s a dream; it’s not a solid thing. There’s no elephant in this room, not really. We have to practice away from that.  Start simple. If you can’t find anything good about a person, first of all, that’s your fault right there.  If you can’t find anything good about the person, make it your business to find something. If it’s just you like the way they tie their shoes, work from there. If that is where you are starting from, if that is what you have to do, forgive yourself and move on from that point. But start. If you can go a little further and understand through practicing and contemplating, and through the method that we teach here, that all sentient beings wish to be happy and in their nature they are the very Lord, and that there is an end to the suffering and that is liberation. With understanding, we can then give rise to the bodhicitta and compassion.

Copyright © Jetsunma Ahkon Norbu Lhamo All rights reserved

Astrology for 7/16/2017

7/16/2017 Sunday by Norma

Take advice from a wise person, someone with the experience to point out the results of something you are about to do. If you don’t like what you hear, change plans. Emotion is still driving the agenda and a shock is possible if you act impulsively based on feelings. “I just felt like it!” is not an excuse for disruptive behavior. Jorge Luis Borges said, “Don’t talk unless you can improve the silence.” But talk is your friend today; happy talk that offers a light, favorable perspective on your issues. You don’t need encouragement for negative feelings, they are present in spades and should be ignored. An unhappy situation is drawing to a close, slowly, let it happen

Learning to Step Back


The following is an excerpt from a teaching by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo called “Art of Dispelling Anger”

I study sentient beings.  I must have done it in another life, because as a child I knew this. I sort of woke up from my childhood knowing that all beings are suffering. And I understood somehow that it was a spiritual thing and that they needed love. No matter what it looked like, they needed love. That was as a child; as a child I understood that. Now as a woman and a practitioner, I understand what the Buddha has taught and it’s the same. And I understand that my fervent prayer is that should I leave a footstep in this world, it will be a living display of the bodhicitta through my students, through any works that I might do. That’s what I care about. And each one of us should participate in that dream. If you are really my student, then you must care. We should all care to advance the aspirations of our teacher. That’s part of Vajrayana. We may not individually have the power to give rise to a stupa or to give rise to an ordained Sangha, but we are part of that and we should take responsibility for making that dream come true. My dream is love. It is bodhicitta. Temporary love. Feed the birds. Feed people. Feed somebody that’s hungry. I feed everything that moves. If there was sputum in a jelly dish and I could prove that it needed food, I would feed it. This is how I am. I am crazy with it.

And then, you know, beyond that recognize them because they’ll never recognize themselves without a little help. Recognize them as being Buddha. Know that they are suffering because they don’t know what to do—not because they want to suffer—and do what you can to give rise to compassion. Make it a commitment. Disallow those rage things. Disallow that anger that we have to have when we have to go and punch a wall or something like that.

The way to do that is to get a little space from that. No suppression. We don’t like suppression. Suppression is bad. It makes us all crazy, and we’re crazy enough. You work it, you work it, you work it. The rage that we have, step back from it. The way you step back from it is you question yourself. And there are two different ways you can do it. You can do it the good old American way or you can do it the Buddhist way. The good old American way works too. You can say, ‘Now what’s really making me mad here?  Do I really mean what I am saying about this person?’ You can sort of take a step back and analyze it a little bit. Just look at it sort of cool, calm and collected if you can. I mean, you let yourself go back to your rage if you need to, but step back and tell yourself you can go back to the rage if you need to. But if you really do well and you think it through, you won’t. The rage will be gone because your understanding will have come up and your mind will be smoother. The mind gets inflamed like an arthritic joint, like with rheumatoid arthritis. It’s kind of like that. The mind gets inflamed.  The more we are emotional, up and down, up and down, and full of hatred, and judgmental and gossipy and stuff like that, the more inflamed the mind gets, the more unhappy we get and the more we blame other people for it, and the more unhappy we get and the more inflamed we get. That is the cycle of samsaric existence.

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Astrology for 7/15/2017

7/15/2017 Saturday by Norma

A burst of energy provides a welcome respite from the lassitude of the times. You are ready to GO! Visit friends, communicate with everyone, go for a drive or short trip. Someone delivers a message that brings happiness and stimulates thinking. Are you giving a speech, writing for publication or preparing a class? This is your day. Lectures or concerts are inspiring and satisfying. Conversation is particularly emphasized today and a happy frame of mind lifts spirits. Look for the amusing in everything and the day goes well. Anonymous said, “Men love women, women love kids, and kids love gerbils. What’cha gonna do?” Burst out laughing and be good natured about everything- except an impulse toward contention, which should be avoided at all costs today.

When We Blow It


The following is an excerpt from a teaching by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo called “The Habit of Bodhicitta”

So little by little, you begin to change your habit. If you really blow it, and you will, … Accept that right now, too. You will. You’re bound to blow it. When you blow it, you can prepare yourself for that by saying, ‘As a sentient being, I will probably blow it again. And when I do, I’m going to get right back on the horse and I’m going to make restitution and I’m not going to form any conclusions about myself. I’m going to let my mind relax.’ And get right back on the horse by practicing bodhicitta in the very next moment, plus confess in your mind that you were wrong just there. Confession in your mind is very, very important. ‘Boy, I really blew it just then. I was really wrong just then.’ And make restitution as quickly as you can.

Sometimes we have a kind of pride that says you’re going to look like a jerk if you say, to somebody that you were just mean to, ‘Well, I’ve really been trying to practice generosity and I realize that I was not generous to you at all. I realize that was pretty sleazy, what I just did, and so I’d like to ask you if there is anything I can do for you.’ Now most of us have too much pride to do that, but it’s the very right thing to do. And you’ll feel like a new person once you begin to do that. And that will be not only a pebble in this pile, but that kind of thing—the confessing and making restitution of an already established non-virtuous habit—is like a boulder going into that pile. It’s more important than little kindnesses. That kind of acceptance and inner peace and moving forward regardless, really, really helps. It’s like a boulder going into that pile, so much more quickly when you get into the habit of kindness. So I heartily recommend that method.

Copyright © Jetsunma Ahkon Norbu Lhamo All rights reserved


Astrology for 7/14/2017

7/14/2017 Friday by Norma

Do not worry if you woke up unhappy, it’ll pass and the day has nowhere to go but up. And it does! Emotional stability is here and sensitive attention to detail solves every problem. An adviser points the way and pleasant companions are a boon. Time is still best spent in behind-the-scenes activity, with closest companions or alone. Groups push activities that are unsuccessful, unnerving and best avoided. Albert Einstein said, “Anyone can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius- and a lot of courage- to move in the opposite direction. What’s good today? Food, the cinema, music, art, ocean voyages, oil ventures, and anything that generates mental happiness and good will toward others.

Short Confession from Nam Cho Ngondro Vajrasattva

The following prayer is a short confession from the Nam Cho Dzogchen Ngondro Vajrasattva practice:

In the View, I confess all commitments broken through mental activity. Knowing the View is the all-pervasive foundational Bodhicitta; realizing that the View exists in non-existence, and practicing meditation that is non-existent, realizing that activity is neither existent nor non-existent, the Bodhicitta is without expectation or disappointment. All root and auxiliary commitments, breaches and failure to uphold them, are unborn, ungenerated, and liberated in the indivisibilty of the object to confess and the confession itself.



Astrology for 7/13/2017

7/13/2017 Thursday by Norma

The emotional roller coaster rolls on today and tempestuous feelings can drive the agenda if you aren’t careful. Everything seems to be coming apart. Or is it? The Moon in gentle, intuitive Pisces encourages you to relax, meditate and take time alone. You can navigate every storm by remembering to take it easy. This means scheduling down time between appointments, engaging in health regimens with happy results, and spending time near water in contemplation. Conversations with enjoyable people change your outlook, listening to your intuition changes your agenda, home improvements are great. Actually it’s time for a mini-vacation. Frank Capra said, “A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something.” Buddihist Tea Pet

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