Astrology for 9/20/2017

9/20/2017  Wednesday  by Norma

Diplomacy is highlighted today, extend it to everyone you meet.  Be kind, to the point and do not waste time.  Benjamin Franklin said, “Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself.  Avoid trifling conversation.”  Work turns into fun today and you’re having a good time with projects that unnerved you earlier. A partner breathes new life into something that has gone cold.   If your job involves sales, attracting people to your cause or precision work, this is your day!

All medical procedures are effective, scheduled activities are satisfying and work goes smoothly.  This is a good day to give pets special attention; add a new diet, buy a new pet bed, clean out the rabbit cage, feed the goldfish or groom your horse.  Don’t have animals?  Enjoy wildlife, watch birds as they fly.  You’ll know why later.

Astrology for 9/19/2017

9/19/2017  Tuesday by Norma

Submit a project and  it will come back promptly with criticism that is vague, general and unhelpful.  Emperor Joseph II once said of Mozart’s music, “There are simply too many notes, that’s all .  Just cut a few and it will be perfect.” What to do?  First, agree.  Next, step back, wait and avoid furious cutting that demolishes your work. Tomorrow the boss will see things in a different, more favorable light.

The urge to speak sharp words has ended, finally, and a new time is beginning, one with more appreciation for what you’re doing.  What’s good today?  Brilliant, sunny people who are excellent role models, crisp thinking, well-done surgery for things that need extraction, and escape at the end of a long work day.  New people are coming your way, be ready to meet them!

Astrology for 9/18/2017

9/18/2017  Monday by Norma

Work has never been more overwhelming, generating the urge to escape!  Have you suddenly developed multiple health issues, have you decided escapism is the answer to your problems? Both involve the urge to get away from the relentless crush of demands facing you.  But there’s a way out that involves making a list, rank ordering demands in order of importance and doing the big  ones first. When this is done you will decompress like a deflating balloon, problem solved.  A Chinese proverb says, “Settle one difficulty, and you keep a hundred others away.”

Venus, planet of charm, tact and conciliation, continues to be the star of the show nowadays.  As you work very hard, remember to smile at everyone and to treat others with kindness.  If you can’t be nice to people, at least don’t hurt them. You will be remembered as much for your kindness as your contribution.

Astrology for 9/17/2017

9/17/2017  Sunday by Norma

Emotional happiness is the gift of this day.  Bright things and sunny places are satisfying and put a new spin on life.  Be out and about, engage in sports, attend parades, parties and special functions.

An inspiring person sends you in a different direction if you’re willing to try something new and avoid the herd mentality.  “This is what I’ve always done and I’m sticking with it !” is an attitude that doesn’t work today.  Be accepting if  you are asked to fill an important role: you’ve earned it and you’re up to the job. Others will work with you or back you up, whichever is required.   Winston Churchill said, “One mark of a great person is the power of making  lasting impressions on people you meet.” Put your best qualities on display today.  Help others, inspire them and see the good in them!  Also, have fun.


Astrology for 9/16/2017

9/16/2017  Saturday by Norma

This is an excellent day to learn something:  mental agility, precision, and speed have never been better. You can solve equations, balance your accounts and sum up problems in a nutshell.  Ask someone for advice and you’ll receive the most helpful information you’ve ever heard. Avoid giving others a piece of your mind, however,  it’ll bounce back on you in an unpleasant way.  You’ve got grievances?  Others do too!  Virgo was born to solve problems, not to tell others what’s wrong with them.  Winston Churchill said, “It is better to be an actor than a critic.” Venus continues to be the star of the show,  bringing happiness, confidence and good nature into situations that could otherwise involve too much detail and too much work!  Do the job and have fun today.


Astrology for 9/15/2017

9/15/2017  Friday by Norma

Quick action can save a doomed undertaking so get moving early today.  An aphorism says, “A stitch in time saves nine.”  Look carefully, use intuition to make a correction and you’ll catch a mistake that threatens to unravel a project.  An enjoyable companion assists in everything you do, bringing an element of fun into the day.  Be sure to properly thank this person. Winston Churchill said, “One always measures friendships by how they show up in bad weather.” What’s good today?  Fast, accurate thinking, emotional support from others, good food and looking good!

Astrology for 9/14/2017

9/14/2017  Thursday by Norma

If your ego wasn’t flattened yesterday, it will be today as a project is scrapped or sent back to the drawing table for revision.  Don’t bother defending the amount of time and work you’ve invested,  just accept correction and move on.  Sympathetic people are nearby to offer help and solace.  A different venture, something hidden from sight, is developing apace and will blossom into something wonderful in time.    Three planets in Virgo bring out everyone’s inner critic, use this perceptiveness to identify people’s good qualities.  Ellen Burstyn said, “Most of my life, if a man did something totally other than the way I thought it should be done, I would try to correct him.  Now I say, ‘Oh, isn’t that interesting.'”  Charm and kindness solve all your issues if you remember to use them today.

Astrology for 9/13/2017

9/13/2017  Wednesday by Norma

The squish you hear is the sound of an ego being flattened.  Yours, perhaps? Have you grown too big for your britches, become a legend in your own mind?  You’ll shrink back down to size in the next day or two as circumstances undercut your thinking. At the same time goodwill toward others advances your cause on a different front.  You are both losing ground and gaining an advantage at the very same time!  Notice your successes, absorb your losses and move forward with new confidence.  Rabindranath Tagore said, “Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark.”  Good things are coming your way provided you remain stable during the current unstable time.  Meet everyone with an attitude of respect and friendliness, avoid the tendency to engage in divisive behavior, and things will go well for you.

Astrology for 09/12/2017

9/12/2017  Tuesday by Norma

The news!  It is everywhere and it is either incoherent or wrong.  Pay close attention to the source of information before believing anything today, some people are talking to hear themselves talk or to avoid dead time.  You must wait until afternoon before the real story comes to light, and by evening the dis-information becomes a source of annoyance.  Winston Churchill said, “There are a terrible lot of lies going around the world, and worst of it is half of them are true.”  What is true today is genuine affection and caring that make conversation irrelevant.  Don’t bother offering words when a big smile or hug will do the job.  Listen politely to those who must tell their story, and there are plenty, and avoid chiming in with yours.  Work goes well today, a solid partnership is here and love is rock solid.

Astrology for 09/11/2017

09/11/2017  Monday by Norma

Venus- charming, agreeable and absent of late- makes an appearance in a way that gives encouragement to those who have labored under difficult circumstances.   Been struggling so long you forgot how to relax and enjoy yourself?  Venus is here to make you happy!  Goodwill opens doors that opposition couldn’t.  Drop your grievances, dress up, put your best foot forward, be ready to accept a partner, and be sure to look for the good in others.  Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.”   Work continues to be a driving force, detailed instructions are critical, letting go of the past is crucial, and partnership makes everything work.

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