Astrology for 11/24/2017

11/24/2017 Friday by Jampal & Wangmo

Theme: Freedom of thought

An unexpected windfall could occur today. Mental efforts pay off today including writing and communication generally. It’s a half way point in the project you started on the new moon. How are you going?  Generally speaking be optimistic but don’t overdo it. Don’t let optimism become arrogance. There is more capacity for seeing the way forward today – and more tolerance for new ideas. “I’m a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn’t have the heart to let him down.” Abraham Lincoln.


Astrology for 11/23/2017

11/23/2017 Thursday by Jampal & Wangmo

Theme: A Thanksgiving to remember

Today is the day many Americans come together and give thanks for the hospitality offered to the new migrants to North America by the indigenous peoples.  However, today deep breaths or something stronger might be helpful. This is because peoples emotions are a wee bit disturbed today, and yet, in America, people are thrown together to share in a meal. The morning could start our fractiously but soften by evening as the better part of peoples natures comes to the surface. Seeing others perspectives helps.

Astrology for 11/22/2017

11/22/2017 Wednesday by Jampal & Wangmo

Theme: There is no such thing as a secret!

Karma (cause and effect)  ripens every day and today is especially remarkable for seeing that in action. Deep hurts  come to the surface, and so does potential conflict. Stoicism isn’t necessarily the best solution. But ‘going within’ to experience ones spiritual heart will bring relief. You may feel a little directionless today but it will pass.  As they say in Alcoholics Anonymous ‘You’re only as sick as your secrets‘ – the remedy is self-honesty.


Astrology for 11/21/2017

11/21/2017 Tuesday by Jampal & Wangmo

Theme: Laugh at yourself

Often we laugh at others but do we laugh at ourselves! Today is an opportunity also for sharing, learning and joy.  Deepening friendships and finding common interests is a theme. Mental faculties aren’t as sharp as they usually are today but your attention to detail is enhanced today. Attention to detail comes with a caveat – it requires patience. The second day of a diet is always easier than the first. By the second day you’re off it. Jackie Gleason

Astrology for 11/20/2017

11/20/2017 Monday by Jampal & Wangmo

Theme: Turning restriction into practical accomplishment

If you feel discouraged today seek help from a third party to facilitate a change in the dynamic. Spiritual growth continues as a potential theme this week if you allow time for it. There is still tension in the air although there is beginning to be light at the end of the tunnel. Be adventuresome! There is new insight into seemingly intractable issues. In the Japanese art of Origami a simple sheet of paper is turned into a work of beauty.



Astrology for 11/19/2017

11/19/2017 Sunday by Jampal & Wangmo

Theme: Truth and Encouragement

The Moon in Sagittarius today brings another dose of optimism and restlessness that can aid projects today – if harnessed appropriately. Intensity and insight in relationships are a continuing theme – along with exploring shared resources and inter-dependency. If powerful things are hidden now is the time they are more clearly seen. Truth can set you free today. I solemnly affirm that the evidence to be given by me shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth (Sworn testimony affirmation -Canada)

Astrology for 11/18/2017

11/18/2017 Saturday by Jampal & Wangmo

Theme: Enthusiasm and spiritual growth

In spite of continuing conflict in the world that can be mirrored in our own lives, there is a wonderful space for spiritual growth and deepening. Joy is like a shield against unexpected disruptions in our lives. Being in nature including waterways is helpful. This is a time to strike out on new projects and start the project you’ve been planning! Diligence means joy in vrituous ways. Shantideva, The Way of the Bodhisattva.





Astrology for 11/17/2017

11/17/2017 Friday by Jampal & Wangmo

Theme: Harnessing passions for the benefit of others

What can we learn from our passions and our relationship with others?  Perhaps we can harness this intense energy in a way that transforms our suffering and delivers benefits to others. We don’t have to seek revenge for past hurts. We can with our far-seeing eyes step back and see the bigger picture. Maybe today is a day to be a little brave so that others maybe inspired by you and be brave too. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness -His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

Astrology for 11/16/2017

11/16/2017 Thursday by Jampal & Wangmo

Theme: Completions and Passion

It is a time for optimism even in the face of challenging circumstances. It’s a good time to complete projects before the new moon and clear the decks for the next phase.  There is good energy for communicating directly today – yet control issues and power struggles may require a different tack. Beware of getting lost in the imaginal world. Rather, use your mind to deepen in spiritual matters. The noble path is the way that leads to freedom from delusion, that leads to clarity. Dhammapada.


Astrology for 11/15/2017

11/15/2017 by Jampal & Wangmo

Theme: Assertive thought and balanced emotions

As the day progresses tempers subside. You are not timid about expressing your thoughts today. Healthy relationships allow for a good dose of honesty. It’s a good day to think independently. There is still a silver-lining theme in your relationships with others and the world around you. Today you are able to balance your emotional needs with your sense of duty and obligation. It’s a quoteless day today.


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