Miraculous Signs: The Birth of Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo

The following story was told by Jetsunma Ahkön Lhamo in response to repeated requests by her students:

Well, this is the story that my mother told me about the time of my birth.  And I feel certain that it is true because she didn’t know what any of it meant and was reporting it like a person who didn’t understand.  She told me that it actually took three days for me to be born, which is kind of interesting.  I’m sure it set off the groundwork for a great mother-daughter relationship, but she told me that it took three days for me to be born. Whenever it seemed as though the contractions were getting stronger, I would go back up again, and they had a hard time delivering me.

It turns out that I was in a breach position, which is common for tulkus; but uniquely when I was delivered, what was delivered first was my bottom with crossed legs.  My mother said it was really crazy because my feet were locked up.  From what I am able to understand, I was born in a lotus position.  So it was very difficult to deliver the bottom part with the legs.  The total mass would have been bigger than the head.   I think that is why the delivery was so difficult.  But I was born in that position and my hands were in an interesting position as well.  My mother said they thought I had a pulled nerve in my left arm because my hand was like this (Tara mudra) and they couldn’t move it.  They couldn’t budge it at all.  And my other hand was like this (Tara mudra), which they thought was normal.   But they could not move my hands, and they could not get me out of that position for some time.  I think my hands stayed up for three days.

They thought I was a very sickly baby, and I think I was because I was hard to rouse—I think I was meditating.  I was hard to rouse and difficult to get into another position.   It was kind of unusual.   I was born in the lotus position with the hands in Tara’s posture, and I had a zen [the upper robe worn by monks and nuns].  I was delivered with the caul or afterbirth partially on my body, and it was under my right arm and thrown up over my left arm.  It was exactly like a zen.

What else?  When I was born, my mother said that after the birth took place, the whole room filled up with the scent of flowers. And all the nurses and the doctor were just, “Where’s it coming from?  Where’s it coming from?”  And for some reason, everyone in the room cried, and they didn’t really know why they cried.  They just cried.  So, it was kind of amazing.

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14 thoughts on “Miraculous Signs: The Birth of Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo

  1. Makes me tear up to contemplate.

    Thank you for returning to us, Jetsunma, and please please please remain in this world. We so need your wisdom and compassion!

  2. I love you Jetsunma. I need you. We all need you. We need your presence in this world, your love and compassion, your teaching and guidance. What would this world be like without you to keep the darkness at bay and tame the elements?

    Be well, my Guru. May all your needs on behalf of beings be met.

  3. After reading this, I felt a rush of awe and, relief.

    Yes! — very amazing, Precious Lama, thank you ever so much; and also, I pray: absolutely may You remain healthy and firm for the sake of benefiting beings to be tamed.

    Absolutely may You help hold back the darkness, spreading vast amounts of Knowledge, Wisdom, and Love!

  4. I cry every time I hear this story. I rejoice in the merit of those who were there. Imagine being present as an emanation of Tara is taking rebirth!

    Precious Guru, thank you for returning for the countless sentient beings who will be liberated through your blessing.

  5. Precious Guru this is so incredibly beautiful and moving. May your birthday be very happy. May your life be long and joyful as you are blessing so many beings with your compassion and kindness and all of your miraculous activities in the world.

    Thank you Jetsunma!

  6. This is the first time I have heard this story; it’s absolutely incredible. Thank you Jetsunma for sharing this with us today. How blessed and fortunate we are to be in your mandala, may we always have the merit to be close to you. I wish you many happy returns Jetsunma, with love and devotion 💕🌷

  7. Dear Blessed Jetsunma, I am smiling so broadly thinking of you in deep meditation and hands in mudra and cross legged and how amazing. How wonderful. I think I will have to read and reread many times to fully integrate the fullness of your delightful birth. Om mani pad me hung

  8. Precious Buddha of the Three Times
    Thank you for coming back for us!
    May you have a long life and excellent health.
    Precious Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo, please be strong, please be strong, please be strong!
    Never let us be disconnected from your teachings,do not leave us in samsara.
    I offer you Loving Kindness!
    Om Mandarava AH Hung HRIH

  9. You have never, will never, can never abandon beings still caught in the suffering of cyclic existence. You will never cease to return, because you are all that is holy and pure. Of this I am certain beyond my ordinary understanding. Thank you precious Lama. May I repay your loving kindness by accomplishing for the benefit of all.

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