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Astrology for 11/27/2014

11/27/2014 Thursday by Norma

Friends and groups bring happiness! A group can accomplish something more easily than an individual, so call on friends in your efforts. A Hawaiian singer spoke of encountering a motorist whose car ran off the road late at night. The singer and his friends lifted the car out of ditch, doing […]

The Hungry Ghost Realm

The Hungry Ghost Realm

The following is an excerpt from a teaching by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo called “Why P’howa?”

The next of the lower realms is the realm of the hungry ghosts. The hungry ghosts actually have a traditional appearance and they are described in this way, but again you must understand that this is us looking with […]

Astrology for 11/26/2014

11/26/2014 Wednesday by Norma

Magnetic attraction is everywhere today. You are zipping around, leading your life, and people and things flash sparks at you. This phenomenon is striking, compelling and inspiring. And right! A hunch sends you in a successful direction. Travel is favored, and activity is great. Saul Bellow said, “Unexpected intrusions of beauty. […]

Interdimensional Dementia: Music by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo

Copyright © Jetsunma Ahkon Norbu Lhamo All rights reserved

Astrology for 11/17/2014

11/17/2014 Monday by Norma

Last minute work is consuming, and men are feeling tired and overburdened. Do your best to lighten the load of someone who is working hard, especially the one who says “I can handle it!” Encourage that person to relax and take it easy. A pressured time turns social as the day […]

Astrology for 11/16/2014

11/16/2014 Sunday by Norma

Take your vitamins! Do your exercises! Eat bulk-producing cereal and feel virtuous! It’s a perfect day to relax and tend to details. Write or email thank you notes, do the laundry. As the day progresses, happiness appears in the form of travel, spiritual inspiration and long distance communication. Go somewhere, you’ll […]

Astrology for 11/15/2014

11/15/2014 Saturday by Norma

Take it slow this morning, let yourself sleep in and rest. Once you get moving, today is extremely satisfying. Things fall into place. Everyone is helpful, courteous and precise. If you’ve felt ill or tired, you’ll recover. People rush around looking for ways to help: give anyone a task and it’ll […]

Astrology for 11/14/2014

11/14/2014 Friday by Norma

Life is so much fun and people are having a wonderful time: the urge to abandon your work and enjoy yourself is very powerful. “Relax, come out and play,” forces seem to beckon. Stay put, keep plugging away. Pull the party into your realm, get people working along side you. The […]

Astrology for 11/13/2014

11/13/2014 Thursday by Norma

A bit of good fortune happens today, and an inspiring person lifts spirits. Excitement is here, but don’t let yourself be distracted from the work of the day: restoration, renovation and rebuilding of things. Do each task as it comes. Marcus Aurelius said, “Neither past nor future can weigh thee down, […]

Astrology for 11/12/2014

11/12/2014 Wednesday by Norma

A last ditch emotional appeal comes, and people are definitely working too hard. Be patient with emotional displays, yours’ and others’, things will settle down as the day progresses. Four planets in Scorpio reflect the intensity of the times: real accomplishments are occurring, but everything’s a secret! Underground matters are excellent; […]

Astrology for 11/11/2014

11/11/2014 Tuesday by Norma

Domestic matters go well, and family fun is excellent! Men and women are in harmony, and a man offers love and tangible support! Tears of gratitude flow as long term good behavior is rewarded. If you have toiled conscientiously, doing a good job because it’s the right thing to do, this […]

Astrology for 11/10/2014

11/10/2014 Monday by Norma

Pay attention to a hunch or dream today, it’s pointing you in the right direction! Get up early and be on the job as soon as possible, the best work happens in the morning. As the day progresses, emotional issues collide with tradition, and feelings can get you into trouble. Avoid […]

Astrology for 11/9/2014

11/9/2014 Sunday by Norma

Everyone is still talking up a storm: the chat is especially good for leaders, and for issues of power and esteem. Happy energy is prevalent, which helps in terms of solving problems. Two modes exist: a public display of confidence, and an inner concern about serious matters. A old debt is […]

Astrology for 11/8/2014

11/8/2014 Saturday by Norma

The news is fun, and a neighbor or friend is chatting up a storm. Everyone has something to say, and there are many forms to be filled out, many papers to be read, and many car trips to be taken. This is a fun, since the dominant tone of the times […]

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