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A Teaching on the Four Immeasurables

A Teaching on the Four Immeasurables

The following is respectfully taken from “How to Follow a Spiritual Master” edited by Ngagyur Nyingma Institute.

The following story of King Tsangpa Lha (Brahma Deva) and his son Gyaltshab Dhampa provides insights into the way bygone great practitioners have followed and practiced with their own Masters. The Prince was seeking dharma teachings but […]

Astrology for 8/3/2015

8/3/2015 Monday by Norma

A quick-thinking reaction solves a problem in a way you hadn’t considered. Pay close attention to your emotions regarding issues, rather than to your pride. If you’re afraid of something, take tangible action. Bring in a force more powerful than what is scaring you and watch the issue dissolve. Napoleon Bonaparte […]

Incalculable Blessings for All

Incalculable Blessings for All

The following is from a series of tweets by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo:

Today I thought to share with you the Prayer Wheels of KPC. Having seen them in India I fell in love with Stupas and Prayer Wheels and determined to contact a Lama who is a specialist in the necessary steps. My students became […]

Astrology for 8/2/2015

8/2/2015 Sunday by Norma

Dreamland, you’re in it! Stay in bed as long as possible today. Relax and the solution to a hidden problem appears. Withdraw from the hustle and bustle of life for best results. Nelson Mandela said, “There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in […]

Astrology for 7/24/2015

7/24/2015 Friday by Norma

People behaving erratically need rest and relaxation, so treat everyone with great kindness: recuperation is in order. An old malady is being healed. A difficult moment has passed and is currently in the rear view mirror. Encouraging talk is what’s needed today, along with nourishing food. The Talmud says, “Whoever rescues […]

Astrology for 7/23/2015

7/23/2015 Thursday by Norma

Change of scenery! Bright things, shiny display and sunny moments pervade the day. Everything seems cheerier and more hopeful. Quickly zip around performing tasks today-use the happy energy to set things right. Leaders congratulate each other on a successful venture; parades, pomp and celebration are appropriate. Rabindranath Tagore said, “God respects […]

Astrology for 7/22/2015

7/22/2015 Wednesday by Norma

The grand square reflects a boxed-in situation early today: no matter which way you turn, all avenues are blocked. Push and there’s a counter push. Everyone clambers for action and everyone has a different agenda! The image is of a four way stop sign with everyone trying to go at once. […]

Astrology for 7/21/2015

7/21/2015 Tuesday by Norma

Use the good aspects to plan for the future, to create a structure that stands the test of time. You can now make decisions that change your future and put matters on more stable footing. Construction, excavation, surgery, taxes and mortgages are favored. Draw up a reasonable budget, pay your debts […]

Astrology for 7/20/2015

7/20/2015 Monday by Norma

Small tasks proliferate and work has never been more fun. Tying up loose ends is the task of the day: choose an excellent investment, balance your accounts, give the dog a bath, shop for deodorant. A fine sense of discrimination allows perfection in everything you do. Pleasant people are at your […]

Astrology for 7/19/2015

7/19/2015 Sunday by Norma

Whistle while you work today and you’ll have a ball. You’re on the comeback trail from a health issue, and happiness is the evidence of regained physical well being. Augusten Burrough said, “When you have your health, you have everything. When you do not have your health, nothing else matters at […]

Astrology for 7/18/2015

7/18/2015 Saturday by Norma

A last minute burst of prideful behavior signifies things are changing. Regrettable speech is in the mix, wait out the urge to speak sharply,and avoid embarrassment! Be philosophical if someone blasts you, then forget it happened. Abraham Lincoln said,”To ease another’s heartache is to forget one’s own.” Things change mid-day and […]

Astrology for 7/17/2015

7/17/2015 Friday by Norma

A stabilizing force appears and leaders move toward the favorable resolution of a problem. Emotion and pride drive the agenda today. Feeling disrespected? Everyone is! The task of the day is setting aside your grievances (“You ate my lunch!”) and complimenting others on good qualities ( “You saved the day!”). This […]

Astrology for 7/16/2015

7/16/2015 Thursday by Norma

The urge to castigate others lessens and fun is once again in the picture. A woman or child delivers happiness and changes your perception of your situation. Re-framing things, seeing issues from a new perspective, is the task of the day. Avoid rehashing grievances and strive to work for the future. […]

Astrology for 7/15/2015

7/15/2015 Wednesday by Norma

Family, home and emotional issues continue to distract you from professional concerns, with the added touch of fence jumpers- people who won’t behave and undercut progress. Comfort lies in Notice yourself wolfing down an entire bag of something? You just felt the pressure. Defensive behavior is on the rise. Henry […]

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