Astrology for 2/14/2017

2/14/2017 Tuesday by Norma

Groups are fun and information is coming in fast! The news is invigorating and a message from a partner sets the agenda for the immediate future. A solid group is forming that has the potential to outlive the current issues and become an important player in the future. Older, more experienced members step forward to offer help and it’s important to defer to them. Avoid un-vetted information and definitely avoid broad, inaccurate assertions that undercut your cause. (Carrying a sign saying “The moon is made of green cheese!!!” permanently invalidates your wish to be taken seriously.) Indecision is a factor today. Wait out anything that generates confusion. Hard charging people are magnetic, love is on the table, and technology makes an important leap forward today.

Astrology for 2/13/2017

2/13/2017 Monday by Norma

A difficult moment comes early in the day, let yourself get through it. Any illness is related to overwork or exposure to a new strain of something going around. Respect your body wisdom- if
it’s tired, give it a rest; if it’s hungry, give it a snack. A solid path appears tomorrow so don’t fret if you don’t see the way today, and try not to give in to worry. Zachary T. Bercovitz, M.D. said,
“Some patients I see are actually draining into their bodies the diseased thoughts of their mind.” Vigorous activity is advised-if you’re able- the more robust, the better! If you can’t be active,
put your attention on things that generate happiness in your mind. Anything that makes you laugh is great and anyone who brings a smile is a friend. Do your best to bring cheer to those around you.

Astrology for 2/12/2017

2/12/2017 Sunday by Norma

Puttering around is satisfying and productive but don’t forget to notice that a larger project is gaining recognition. (“I was so busy digging out the driveway that I forgot to pick up my Nobel Prize.”). Large and small accomplishments are possible today, keeping you busy smiling and nodding in agreement. A worker bee can land a big fish by doing the right thing at the right time, so don’t slack off. It’s a disorienting time where multiple issues demand attention and everything is happening at once, but do your best to remain stable. Catherine the Great said, “A great wind is blowing and that gives you either imagination or a headache.” Love is fun, communication with friends and groups is excellent and a wonderful partnership is here.

Astrology for 2/11/2017

2/11/2017 Saturday by Norma

Scientific thinking is highlighted and an unusual discovery is possible today. A project is coming to fruition: your invention works, your opus magnum of a book is wrapping up, and something dear to your heart is nearing completion. Take a satisfied breath and get back to work as the moon enters Virgo and you remember everything you forgot to do: feed the dog, do the laundry, rake the lawn! A small task performed opens a door that offers multiple possibilities for advancement. Swami Sivananda said, “Put your heart, mind, intellect and soul even to your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.” Feeling sick? A special remedy sets you straight!

Astrology for 2/10/2017

2/10/2017 Friday by Norma

An outstanding opportunity appears late in the day where opposing factions make peace. If you’re in the mood to party, this is your night. Diplomatic skills are at their best and people are impressing each other everywhere. Planets in opposition highlight the importance of friendly listening to and acceptance of every viewpoint. Say, “It’s hot in here,” and someone will say, “I’m freezing!” Smile and agree, why not? Mark Twain said, “The proper office of a friend is to side with you when you are in the wrong. Nearly anybody will side with you when you are right.” Look for a favorable outcome to a long term project in the next day or so. Dress up, have fun and spend special time with your partner.

Astrology for 2/9/2017

2/9/2017 Thursday by Norma

Groups are having an absolutely wonderful time expressing shared viewpoints and unity of purpose. A leader appears today, someone who is able to win hearts and bring diverse perspectives into focus. Watch for this person. A message comes that unifies opposing thinking, giving people something to be in favor of, rather than something to be against. Richard Branson said, “I have enjoyed life a lot more by saying yes than by saying no.” This is an energetic time and the busier you are the happier you’ll be. Unexpected friendship blossoms, people you’ve lost touch with re-appear and genuine progress is possible today. Avoid bothering someone who is unavailable, you’ll regret it; allow those who don’t want to participate their privacy.

Astrology for 2/8/2017

2/8/2017 Wednesday by Norma

An emotional display gets you into trouble early today- try to sleep through it. In fact set your feelings aside for the time being; acknowledge them, ask them to take a nap and put your brain in charge. You’ll be glad you did. The ability to speak in a diplomatic, all-inclusive manner is steadily growing and a setback must be avoided. Consider leaders negotiating a military détente: Someone yelling, “You bombed my house!” brings counter-accusations. “You took my cow!” Peace, not recrimination, is the point. (” Sorry I bombed your house, and here’s your cow.”) Montaigne said, “Silence, along with modesty, is a great aid to conversation.” Reconciliation is on the horizon, good friends and partners are at hand and opportunity appears in surprising places.

Astrology for 2/7/2017

2/7/2017 Tuesday by Norma

An informed person suggests an idea that is well received, telegraphing a new time of thoughtfulness. Listen carefully to the news and set aside your own feelings. Instead consider: Can this work? Get out your calculator and figure it out. Thoughtfulness and intelligence extract you from a perplexing situation, provided you use your head, (To think! Not as a battering ram!). You can’t make points by screaming louder than others, nope, won’t work. George Stanley Lee said, “America is a tune. It must be sung together.” What’s good today? A curious mix of thoughtfulness co-mingled with sensitivity that enables you to tiptoe through fraught situations and come out with consensus. Partnership, friendship and conversation are highlighted and love is downright fun today.

Astrology for 2/6/2017

2/6/2017 Monday by Norma

Three planets in Aries are determined to make themselves seen and heard! If someone doesn’t understand, yell louder. Right? Not necessarily. Intelligent discussion makes a stronger impression, so ratchet down the noise and ratchet up the diplomatic skills. A breakthrough is possible today, a détente, where mutual understanding trumps mutual distrust: smile and lower your voice please. Try to understand what others want, not make them do what you want. A woman or child can say or do the thing that changes the nature of the exchange, creating good will. George Eliot said, “What do we live for if not to make life less difficult for each other.” This is an excellent day to engage in athletics, to run, walk, swim, row or bicycle everywhere. A new beginning goes well and group harmony is possible, provided everyone feels heard and included.

Astrology for 2/5/2017

2/5/2017 Sunday by Norma

Communication is highlighted today. Pay special attention to the news and stay in touch with the people who are important to you. Everyone has something to say and valuable information is available, provided you’re paying attention. Communication has a powerful influence on you and others now, and the right word at the right time changes everything. Pay special attention to signs, notifications and announcements to avoid the danger of missing out on something special through inattention. Daniel Boorstin said, “Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know.” Timing is important today- when you go out the door matters as much as where you go. Ask around if you’re not sure,
someone will tell you. Activity and attention equal happiness today.

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