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The Nature of the Path

The Nature of the Path

The following is an excerpt form a teaching by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo called “Commitment to the Path”

I like to see students start off kind of smallish and grow bigger in their practice, because I think that is more realistic.  The best way to start out our practice is to understand what Dharma is trying to […]

Astrology for 9/27/2016

9/27/2016 Tuesday by Norma

Mars moves into Capricorn today stabilizing political and philosophical posturing and getting down to the real work at hand. Plan your strategy carefully and take each step in turn for the success that is the result of realistic planning. Don’t know where you’re going? Figure it out and you’ll […]

Guru Rinpoche

Viewing the Guru

An excerpt from a teaching by Jetsunma Ahkon Norbu Lhamo on October 18, 1995

This teaching is meant to help us correct our view and deepening in Guru Yoga.  We will be thinking about how to deepen in our practice and how to practice with a deeper and more profound sense of view.  Remember that the […]

Astrology for 9/26/2016

9/26/2016 Monday by Norma

Accept every invitation that comes your way, your presence honors others. Someone who has been struggling needs your support and your presence transforms the situation. Remember you must be present to help, so show up! Good humor is all-pervasive and diplomacy is crucial today. The Bible says, “A soft […]

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9/17/2016 Saturday by Norma

Breakout energy propels you through a stuck situation today. Watch for the person who gives you a push and enjoy the added power. Libra, with all it’s charm and diplomacy, needs a partner and that partner has arrived, ready and willing to sweep aside Libra’s indecisiveness and make things happen. […]

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9/16/2016 Friday by Norma

People- still wanting to get away from it all- seriously consider hiding or playing sick to escape. Everything is imbued with hyper-sensitive energy that creates imaginary, paranoid misery. (“He gave me a funny glance; I know he’ll fire me!”). Don’t look for completion today, it’s not coming: present a finished project […]

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9/15/2016 Thursday by Norma

Escapism, this is your day! Behaviors designed for escaping reality are out in full force today resulting in marathon tv watching, endless walks, aimless driving in circles and worse. Energy is best applied in subtle, behind the scenes activity. Medical interventions go well, healing techniques are effective and creative […]

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9/14/2016 Wednesday by Norma

Quick action is extremely favorable and a happy surprise is in store today. Be on your feet early for the good stuff, linger in bed and you’ll sleep through it. Friends are helpful and new people generate financial success. Overdoing is an issue and health problems point to the […]

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9/13/2016 Tuesday by Norma

An open, friendly attitude permeates the day making this the right time to join up with friends and groups. An agreement or brainstorming session generates new ideas. Intellect is favored over emotionalism today and machines, inventions and electronic gadgets of all sorts are highlighted. Do not, however, purchase […]

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9/12/2016 Monday by Norma

An early morning event is disorienting and the solution is prompt action. Avoid spending time analyzing the disturbance, it’s is better to move ahead with your agenda. Elsewhere Jupiter in Libra means it’s “all partnership all the time”! The inherent kindness and diplomacy of this placement is a soothing balm in […]

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9/11/2016 Sunday by Norma

An organized approach to today’s activities guarantees success. Plan where you’re going and what you’ll do for best results. Lack of organization leads to indecision and a sense of incompletion. Going with the flow guarantees dissatisfaction. J. G. Holland said, “There is no royal road to anything. One thing […]

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9/10/2016 Saturday by Norma

Some people feel tired, blocked and frustrated, others zip around making irritating suggestions, and the kids are bouncing off the walls. Knock it off, everybody! This is a great day to tend to your own activities and let others tend to theirs, with no mixing of agendas. The […]

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9/9/2016 Friday by Norma

Things seem blocked, every new idea is shot down and Mercury is retrograde. So why is everyone so happy? Jupiter just entered Libra, that’s why! People are able to find the good in everything! Is the house in foreclosure? You’ve been wanting to move! Tv on the […]

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9/8/2016 Thursday by Norma

Your brain tells you it’s time to work but your emotions encourage you jump the fence and find freedom, making for a bewildering day. It’s possible to satisfy both drives by doing them one at a time: work, relax, then work, then relax. Stress comes from trying to rush through […]