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What Drives You to Practice?

What Drives You to Practice?

An excerpt from a teaching called Bodhicitta by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo

Some of you show up for practice because you think your teacher will get mad at you if you don’t. So you make yourself visible. Some of you show up for practice because you’ve got to get it in today. When do you [...]

Astrology for 7/24/2014

7/24/2014 Thursday

Feeling indecisive? Can’t make up your mind? Want to do something but not sure what to do? Relax, the planet of action is going through the sign of indecision. In two days you will be 100% certain about what you must do. This is a feel good time- happiness abounds. Sophocles said “Happiness [...]

Those With Hopes of Us

Those With Hopes of Us

The following is an excerpt from a teaching by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo called “Antidoting the Mantra of Samsara”

The Buddha teaches us that there are literally so many sentient beings that, not all the great Bodhisattvas and lamas have connections with all of them. That’s how many sentient beings there are. We don’t have [...]

Astrology for 7/23/2014

7/23/2014 Wednesday

A sudden realization or awareness gives insight into an ongoing problem. You can solve it, now that you know the facts. Act promptly and change what needs to be changed. A difficult time has ended and a new time has begun. A brighter future is here. Dress up, sparkle, be happy! Men are [...]

Astrology for 7/14/2014

7/14/2014 Monday

An exciting event involving a woman provides zip to the day. Love is in the picture, and good news comes from a happy source. Travel, read, learn or involve yourself with technology. Enjoyable conversation and an enthusiastic state of mind cause you to float through the day on a cloud. Stay in your [...]

Astrology for 7/13/2014

7/13/2014 Sunday

A friend or group is important today. Have a get-together! Everyone wants to discuss the past. Don’t be surprised if tears flow; the planet of communication has entered the sign of emotion. An odd combination of feeling and rationality can create misunderstandings. You’ll describe a tender moment, and your companion will analyze it [...]

Astrology for 7/12/2014

7/12/2014 Saturday

Love is in the air and romance blooms. Write love notes, sing love songs, court your beloved with everything you’ve got! Be a perfect fool for love, and you’ll be happy. If this sounds ridiculous, if you’ve turned into a sourpuss about love, revive yourself! Go out and find something or somebody to [...]

Astrology for 7/11/2014

7/11/2014 Friday

Return to earth! An older person or a serious matter draws your attention. Be cautious and thorough as you go through the day. Maintain decorum at all times: dress formally and be respectful toward everyone. Casual behavior invites a rebuke, or worse, from authority figures. Keep your ultimate goal in mind and ignore [...]

Astrology for 7/10/2014

7/10/2014 Thursday

News from afar is interesting. Matters associated with education and spirituality grab your attention, and it’s a great day to engage in big-picture thinking. Imagine that you’re in a spaceship, looking down on Earth, able to see things from that perspective. This makes planning easier than it has been for some time. Discuss [...]

Astrology for 7/9/2014

7/9/2014 Wednesday

This is a good day to travel and engage in meaningful conversation. Communicate with everyone! A tricky time has ended, and you can breathe freely again. Men are supportive and stable, and good fortune comes through friends. Partnership is highlighted: talk everything over with another person to balance your thinking. Something that seems [...]

Astrology for 7/8/2014

7/8/2014 Tuesday

Serious matters go very well and a positive outcome is promised, in time. Stick to your original schedule and avoid a sudden change of plans. Slow down and let yourself enjoy the progress you’re making. Be very, very patient today. Expect everything to take longer than you imagined, and you won’t be disappointed. [...]

Astrology for 7/7/2014

7/7/2014 Monday

This is a serious day and a good day to take the next step in a venture. Be sure that you clearly state your objectives in any situation. A wise and experienced woman gives a helpful and realistic evaluation of your goal; listen carefully. If things seem downbeat, relax, they aren’t, you are [...]

Astrology for 7/6/2014

7/6/2014 Sunday

Indecision kicks off the day, and emotions are exaggerated. Step back if you find yourself reacting in an over-the-top manner; crying, screaming, stomping away in disgust… all are possible. Go for a walk, a drive or a sit. Just stop until the urge passes, you’ll be glad you did. Two choices are possible [...]

Astrology for 7/5/2014

7/5/2014 Saturday

Energy! You’ve got it and so does everyone else! Intense debates asking “What are we going to do now?” are all-pervasive. It is crucial that everyone involved be heard, and it’s also crucial that decisions be made. The debate can drag on endlessly if a cutoff point isn’t established. Be sure to observe [...]

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