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The Power of a Bodhisattva

The Power of a Bodhisattva

An excerpt from a teaching called How to Pray by Being by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo

I once asked His Holiness Penor Rinpoche, “What is a bodhisattva? What is a Buddha?” And he said, “It’s like this. Ordinary practitioner can practice their whole life and accomplish something. Perhaps they will accomplish a very auspicious rebirth […]

Astrology for 7/5/2015

7/5/2015 Sunday by Norma

Men, pull in and hibernate today! Home is best and incomprehensible messes appear out in the world. Go out if you must but keep your eyes open for hidden forces. Watch movies, engage in creative or musical activities. It’s a wonderful day for artistry of all sorts. A bad dream or […]

Self-absorption Leads to Unhappiness

Self-absorption Leads to Unhappiness

An excerpt from a teaching called How to Pray by Being by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo

The Buddhist path is not a selfish trip. It’s not a self-absorbed trip. In fact, as Buddhist practitioners, we strive to become less and less self-absorbed. Being self-absorbed is the exact opposite of prayer–180 degrees away from it. But […]

Astrology for 7/4/2015

7/4/2015 Saturday by Norma

Although it’s a day filled with emotional intensity, the best bet is using your rational mind to handle what comes. Opposition is rampant and it’s imperative to consider both sides of every activity: doing something for yourself versus something for the group; staying home versus making a public appearance; eating alone […]

Astrology for 6/25/2015

6/25/2015 Thursday by Norma

Partner up with a happy person for success today. Dazzling acts of generosity are par for the course, would that include you? An unexpected chance to help someone is at hand, don’t miss the opportunity! It’s time to fill your karmic bankbook with generous deeds, redeemable when you are most in […]

Astrology for 6/24/2015

6/24/2015 Wednesday by Norma

Drama day! Roland Duerr said, “Emotion is a deluded person that hoards colored stones and throws away food.” Bring comfort food and pass it out with a kind word to anyone in an emotional tizzy. Avoid rational explanations for people’s feelings, they’ll reject you outright. Emotion and logic collide and emotion […]

Astrology for 6/23/2015

6/23/2015 Tuesday by Norma

Avoid the temptation to shoot off a sharp comment or message, you’ll regret it instantly. Mars is still near the Sun and everyone is operating at maximum speed, wherein lies the danger. You’ll want to push slow boats but wait, the person you blast could be your best friend or your […]

Astrology for 6/22/2015

6/22/2015 Monday by Norma

Home, family and security matters most now. Set everything else aside and tend to your most personal needs. Household maintenance is excellent, cooking is wonderful. Anonymous said, “The goodness of the meal depends on the love of the cook.” Put your best effort into food preparation. A miscommunication is possible early […]

Astrology for 6/21/2015

6/21/2015 Sunday by Norma

Messages fly early in the day- a last minute conversation, a last burst of light left over from before- and then the energy changes and you can clean up, calm down and relax. Home is where the heart is today! Generosity of spirit characterizes the times, and friends and get-togethers are […]

Astrology for 6/20/2015

6/20/2015 Saturday by Norma

Someone wants to tell you “Just one more thing.” Be polite and avoid the urge to plug your ears, this makes a difference. Happiness involves loved ones, children and important people. Love is highlighted. Write your beloved a poem, a letter or a text saying how you feel. It’s a time […]

Astrology for 6/19/2015

6/19/2015 Friday by Norma

Get ready for happiness, it’s coming your way. Decorate, prepare, have a feast, a party and a talkathon. A favorable convergence of planets in air (talk and think)and fire (flash and action) has everyone all dressed up and ready to shine. Use the good energy to have fun and also to […]

Astrology for 6/18/2015

6/18/2015 Thursday by Norma

Happiness arrives unexpectedly today. Someone or something blasts in from out of the blue, making your dreams come true. Don’t worry, you won’t miss it no matter what else you’re doing. Sudden outpourings of emotion are likely, yours and others. Bring a hankie in case someone burst into tears, and be […]

Astrology for 6/17/2015

6/17/2015 Wednesday by Norma

Home calls and emotion prevails today. Everyone tells stories about the past, family and nostalgic matters.( “This is what happened to me in Viet Nam in 1969.”) If someone is out of sorts give them something to eat, food changes everything for the better. Doctors are magicians just now, so visit […]

Astrology for 6/16/2015

6/16/2015 Tuesday by Norma

Life is a ship and today many of the sailors are sitting on one side, creating the danger of tipping over. If a single topic dominates your thinking, reconsider and widen your view so all perspectives are included. Your decisions will change dramatically based on big picture thinking. The thing you […]

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