Astrology for 1/31/2016

1/31/2016 Sunday by Norma

Groups and friends are fun, but secret conversations resolve issues that can’t be discussed in public. Take advantage of an offer, it’s a good one. This is an excellent day to engage in business, sign contracts and make purchases. Romance is in the picture, too. Groups are somewhat befuddled, but individuals understand the situation completely. Dave Barry said, “If you had to identify, in one word, the reason the human race has not fulfilled its potential, that word would be “meetings.” Trust your gut, not the group. Stay close to your home base today and avoid stating your opinion in public.
Private matters, love and home cooked meals are wonderful.

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Limitless Kindness

An excerpt from a teaching by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo from the Vow of Love series

One of the most important and central thoughts in Buddhist philosophy is the idea of compassion. The Buddha taught that we must cultivate our lives as a vehicle to be of benefit to all sentient beings.  It’s good that you’re a good mother, and it’s good that you’re a good friend, but we can’t limit ourselves to a small, familiar circle. We have to go on and on increasing our compassionate activity, our influence and our determination until we attain a level of kindness or compassion that supersedes what we believe is reasonable. We can’t stop even with our nation. We can’t think that we only want to help Americans. Nor can we stop with our world. We can’t think that we only want to help humans and animals, which are the ones that we can see. We have to think, according to the Buddha, that we wish to be of benefit to all sentient beings.

A sentient being is one who has sensory feeling or the development of that kind of discriminating consciousness. According to the Buddha’s teachings, there are six realms of cyclic existence, and there are sentient beings in all of these realms. The human realm and the animal realm are visible to us. This is living proof that at least some of the Buddha’s teaching is right. We see human beings and we see animals; therefore, we know that they exist. But according to the Buddha’s teaching, there are also non-physical beings and different kinds of beings that must be considered if we are to truly develop the mind of compassion.

Limiting ourselves to an identity such as,”I am a woman,” or “I am a man,” or “I am an American,” or “I am a Russian,” or even “I am a citizen of planet earth,” is not the way of the Buddha. Instead, we should think that on every particle we can see, and all those that we cannot see, and in every inch of space, there are millions and millions of sentient beings. And space goes on forever. If we intend to develop the mind of kindness, it must extend to all sentient beings equal to the limits of space.  Space has no limits and there are limitless beings, seen and unseen.  Therefore, we must extend the mind of compassion to beings far beyond those we can conceive of with our brains. That is an awesome thought. How can we really do that? We think that must be impossible. How can we be directly concerned with somebody we can’t see? How can we really care about something that might be infinitesimally small, like bacteria? Or a sentient being that may be as large as a galaxy? How can we seriously consider we must be kind to all sentient beings in that way?

When you develop the mind of compassion, you have to be careful how you develop that mind. If you examine yourself profoundly and honestly – and you have to be willing to be very honest with yourself – you may find that your goal is not really to benefit all sentient beings, but to be a kind person. There are worlds and universes of difference between these two goals. One is selfless: you truly wish to be of benefit to all sentient beings. The other is heading in the right direction, but ultimately it is not selfless because you wish that you could be a kind person. I hope that you can hear the difference between these two ideas. There are worlds of difference between them.

© Jetsunma Ahkön Lhamo

Astrology for 1/30/2016

1/30/2016 Saturday by Norma

This is a great day to spend with a partner. Individual activity generates indecision, but a partner offers ideas and direction. John Gay said, “If the heart of a man is depressed with cares, the mist is dispelled when a woman appears.” This is a relaxing day during a busy season, and it’ll take time for your brain to get used to the idea that nothing is required of you. Mental obsession is still an issue. If you notice yourself talking non-stop, put your teeth together and enjoy the silence! Physical activity is great today. A conversation resolves a financial issue. The best energy of the day involves love, imagination, fantasy, music and water. Go to the movies, for a swim or to the opera with your favorite companion. Health matters improve.

The astrology post affects each person differently, depending on individual horoscopes. Look to see how this message affects your life!

Astrology for 1/29/2016

1/29/2016 Friday by Norma

Feeling indecisive, uncertain about which way to go? Stick with duty, the things to which you are committed, and avoid confronting authority or striking out on an independent course of action. Friends and groups are excellent, provided you avoid making loans or giving in to an unexpected demand that’s annoying. Shakespeare said, “Neither a borrower nor a lender be; for loan oft loses both itself and friend, and borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry.” What’s good today? Hard work in the service of a leader, upholding your responsibilities, writing poetry to your beloved, engaging in creative activity and stabilizing your partnership. Relax at home when the day is done.

The astrology post affects each person differently, depending on individual horoscopes. Look to see how this message affects your life!

The Power of Speech

From a series of tweets by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo:

What is “Right Speech” in Buddha Dharma? Mostly as with the Eight Fold Path, we must do no harm. To understand right speech one must first understand what non virtuous speech is. That is where one speaks in a way as to be hurtful, offensive to another. Like name- calling and bullying others. Hate speech, in other words. Any speech that elevates oneself at the expense of others. Mean speech, speech without foundation, especially, which is gossip. Divisive speech. Speech that is not factual – lying. Telling tales to hurt a person’s livelihood. Lying speech causing one to prosper while others cannot as a result. Some think brutal honesty is right speech. Not so. Take the brutality out. Some think they are always right so brutality is necessary. Never the case!

We can always use right speech if we try. And to try we must be warm hearted and caring. Willing to take a back seat and applaud another’s efforts. At that point we can develop right speech, that is helpful. We can nurture, build confidence, benefit others with right speech. It is teaching, helpful and loving. When right speech is accomplished, in a future life one’s voice will be gifted and empowered. One will bring happiness and good result from teaching. One will be born with a beautiful voice, that is well loved and can transmit many blessings. That is the power of right speech, and one can see if they have spoken kindly in a previous life. The voice will be a beautiful thing, like a golden magical flute. All will benefit and Dharma will be spoken.

Copyright © Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo.  All rights reserved

Astrology for 1/28/2016

1/28/2016 Thursday by Norma

A well-spoken diplomat is solving problems you didn’t know you had. Pay attention to the person who is not speaking, this one holds the power and is actively engaged behind-the-scenes. A leader is unconnected and out of the loop. Be sure to let people know what you are doing, if they have the right to know. A friend appears mid-day who brings happiness and the possibility of partnership. Allow yourself to be drawn away from work, you will come back happier and with a new perspective. Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.” If you can’t stop thinking obsessively, start meditating or you’ll suddenly run around behaving like a maniac from mental pressure. Apart from this, it’s a nice day.

The astrology post affects each person differently, depending on individual horoscopes. Look to see where this message affects your life!

Astrology for 1/27/2016

1/27/2016 Wednesday by Norma

The best comment, bit of news or idea comes early in the day, right after a demoralizing moment. Watch for it and act on it. Someone can tell you the secret of the universe, how to solve your most pressing problem, and the correct Powerball number. All you have to do is listen and be willing to let go of your preconceived notions. Facts challenge belief systems today, as the idea of Earth revolving around the Sun challenged previous belief systems. Keep an open mind and watch your world expand. Bernard Baruch said, “Every man has a right to be wrong in his opinions, but no man has a right to be wrong in his facts.” Work and health matters go well, business matters go well, and love goes public.

The astrology post affects everyone differently, depending on individual horoscopes. Look to see where this message affects your life!

The Logic of the Buddha’s Teaching: Examine It For Yourself

The following is an excerpt from a teaching by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo called “Keeping Heart Samaya”

The Buddha has taught us some main points. These main points necessarily pervade all other levels of Buddhist doctrine or Buddhist philosophy or Buddhist teaching. They are the foundational thoughts that you have to use to think through the logic of the Buddhadharma. Without these fundamental thoughts, nothing that we accomplish in Dharma will make any sense or have any real weight. We are encouraged as Dharma students not to have some kind of blind faith based on no recognition of cause and effect relationships, but instead to have a faith that is based, yes, on heart, but also on logic, on reasonableness.

Lord Buddha himself taught that you should examine the teachings. If, having learned these foundational thoughts, they do not seem reasonable to you, if it doesn’t seem thoughtful and reasonable and intelligent to continue on in the way the Buddha has prescribed, then you shouldn’t do it.

The Buddha has taught that the Dharma should be logical and reasonable. And the way that the Buddha laid it out, it is. It is. For myself (some of you know my story), I was not born in the Tibetan monastery. I was found here, in America. I was born in Brooklyn of half-Jewish, half-Italian heritage, a little Catholic, a little lox and bagels. When my teacher found me, I was 38 years old, so I was already established in whatever habits I had, probably most of them bad. We have a lot of bad habits by the time we are 38, don’t we? By the time I found my teacher, I was quite established in a certain way, but I have found that in that meeting with my teacher a certain communication about the Buddha’s teaching has come to me that is logical and reasonable. There is a certain way to follow through the teaching that even appeals to a hard-headed, Brooklyn-born, half-Jewish, half-Italian gal like me. Now, I am a very practical person, a very practical person. So when I view the Buddha’s teachings, I want to know that they make sense to me. I want to know that they are reasonable. I, myself, would have difficulty following something that did not seem reasonable to me in some way.

Taking into account that sentient beings cannot actually gather all the necessary data by which to evaluate this logical Buddhist teaching, we have to rely to some degree – to a large degree actually – on the Buddha’s perception. For instance, all sentient beings do not have the capacity to actually evaluate samsara or the wheel of death and rebirth, conditioned life, realistically. In the same way, if we had no TV cameras and no satellite communication, none of our modern tools, we wouldn’t know for sure, let’s say, that there are people in China. We could hear about it. We could even hear Chinese people in America tell us that it exists, but for ourselves, unless we had gone there, we would never know. Not really, not for sure. But today we have TV and news reporters and newspaper pictures and satellites that broadcast information, and we can see China with our own eyes, even though it is on the other side of the world. So in a way, the Buddha acts like that for us.

Copyright © Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo.  All rights reserved


Astrology for 1/26/2016

1/26/2016 Tuesday by Norma

It’s “all systems go” today in your activities. If you aren’t thinking hard and pressing forward, you’re wasting the best energy of the day. Secrets matters come to light, and every type of excavation is successful. Drilling for oil in your backyard? A gusher could ensue! Sudden discoveries are possible and generally favorable. Happy exchanges with women and children are likely, and a hard working person is solving problems at the speed of light. Believe any criticism you receive. A Spanish proverb says, “If one person calls you a jackass, ignore it. If two people call you a jackass, ignore it. If three people call you a jackass, buy a bridle.” Sharp comments aside, it’s a happy and productive day.

The astrology post affects everyone differently, depending on individual horoscopes. Look to see where this message affects your life!