Astrology for 10/11/2017

10/11/2017  Wednesday by Norma

Careful thought and planning ensure a favorable outcome for new ventures.  Partnership is highlighted today along with cheerful work, dedication to the job, and plugging away to ensure success in all you do.  It’s time to learn something new!  Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “A person’s mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions.”  What’s good today?  Work, successful health measures, investing, financial increase and partnership!

After eight years of writing this column, the time has come for me to move on to the ever-increasing demands of my work.  It has been a pleasure to offer this column to Jetsunma, and I am sure the new writing team will do a wonderful job of continuing the astrology column.  Thanks for your support!   Norma


Astrology for 10/10/2017

10/10/2017  Tuesday by Norma

Talk over the things you couldn’t discuss yesterday and consensus occurs.  Work needs tweaking before it gets moving, but that’s not a problem. Difficult news comes before noon and you can integrate it with your plan later in the day.  A major change occurs and life really perks up- Jupiter enters Scorpio, replacing indecision with certainty, timidity with boldness and the need for approval with the ability to go it alone, which attracts partners.  Hooray!

You’ll know when it happens by the confidence you feel- everything’s going to work out fine.   Channing Pollock said, “Calm self-confidence is as far from conceit as the desire to earn a decent living is remote from greed.” Hit your stride, cruise down the highway of life cheerfully and enjoy the change.  Put your plans into action tomorrow.


Astrology for 10/9/2017

10/9/2017  Monday by Norma

Hold off on an important announcement early in the day, things will look different later on and you’ll need to change any decisions you make.  A leader experiences a life-changing moment,after which it’s a whole new game.  Conversation is helpful for bonding with others but irrelevant to the situation.  Patrick White said, “Rational answers seldom do explain.” This is a tricky day-you can’t go forward or backward, but you can stay exactly where you are.  Partnership is enjoyable, organizational work is fun, health matters continue to improve, and tomorrow is another day!

Astrology for 10/8/2017

10/8/2017   Sunday by Norma


An obstacle occurs today, something that stops progress and changes the agenda.    Be ready to engage in restorative measures that succeed relative to the speed with which they are applied.  What happened? You were so busy schmoozing people that you forgot about certain problems and now they cannot be ignored. Drive around a roadblock you meet and be ready to change your tactics.  Look for new solutions.  Samuel Johnson said, “The next best thing to knowing something is knowing where to find it.”

Flexibility and resilience are highlighted today, use them and all is well, keep plugging away with the same old tactics and you’ll be blocked.  What’s good?  Details, down-to earth projects, happiness at work and partnership.

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Astrology for 10/7/2017

10/7/2017  Saturday by Norma

The stable Taurus Moon favors satisfaction in everything today and a peaceful attitude permeates your activities.  It’s a good day to shop, chat with friends or just relax.  People are on good behavior, doing their best to make others happy, thanks to Libra planets, yet some refuse to be made happy.

What’s the problem?  A hidden agenda, something you’re unaware of, is in charge and nothing can happen until that changes.  Barak Obama said, ” We will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist.” The best aspects involve organization, lists, plowing through detailed work and arranging things.  Be prepared and you’ll be happy today!  Partnership is excellent and a sudden breakthrough is on the horizon.

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Astrology for 10/6/2017

1/6/2017  Friday by Norma

A stabilizing moment comes early in the day and things begin on a steady note.  Be as physically active as possible to ward off the sluggishness of indecision. A sudden plan is exciting and and at the same time annoying to a partner who expects to be consulted and have input.  The task of the day is moving forward energetically and satisfying others at the same time.

The image of a race horse required to run and also talk things over with others is apt.  You can’t do both. Rush off and you’ll face questions when you return, but if you stay and talk the moment for action is lost. Organization is once again the solution.  Ivan Turgenev said, “If we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything,  is ready, we shall never begin.”

Once the race is run go home, relax and fiddle around the house or office.  No new beginnings later in the day.

Astrology for 10/5/2017

10/5/2017  Thursday by Norma

This is a full moon day, be ready!  Emotions pull you in two different directions and indecision reigns.   All good.  Pay special attention to the many demands facing you and put the best aspect of the day to work:  organization.  The more detailed, specific and precise you are the happier you are.  Make a list for everything and you’ll trot through the day cheerfully ticking things off as the rest of the world wanders around in a fugue of indecision and anxiety. Francis Drake said, “There must be a beginning of any great matter, but the continuing unto the end until it thoroughly finished yields the true glory.” Partnership is good today, food is excellent it’s a wonderful day to take your pet to the vet, buy new shoes, visit the doctor and clean up outstanding matters.  Follow the list!


Astrology for 10/4/2017

10/4/2017  Wednesday by Norma

Today starts slowly, involving uncertainty about what to do next, indecision about what’s important, confusion about how to handle things, and sympathy for those who are suffering.  If you have been struck by a malady, seek medical attention as soon as possible.  Authority figures don’t have a solid plan of action as of yet, but worker bees do and they are the stars today, the people who are out in the trenches solving problems as they appear.  Jack Bronkowski said, “The world can only be grasped by action, not by contemplation.”  Don’t wonder if someone’s thirsty, hand over a bottle of water!  Start helping in whatever way is needed and you will be happy, energetic and loved.  What are you waiting for?

Astrology for 10/3/2017

10/3/2017  Tuesday by Norma

You’re inclined to both work hard and also escape today, but you can’t do both at the same time.  So: work, then go for a walk, work, gaze at the skyline, work, listen to music. Make a medical appointment that handles an outstanding issue and be ready to set things aside and speak with someone who needs a sympathetic ear.  Andre Gide said, “True kindness presupposes the faculty of imagining as one’s own the sufferings and joys of others.” Indecision is factor today, you just don’t know what to do with yourself.  Settle into your work-  a major accomplishment is on the verge of happening and it’s all because of you!


Astrology for 10/2/2017

10/2/2017  Monday by Norma

Friendship is excellent and a group is helping your cause in unexpected ways.  Be in communication with friends early in the day and be ready for the change that comes in the afternoon, when your attention turns to a aiding someone who is in trouble or dealing a problem of your own. Construction and renovation are highlighted: create a stable foundation for what you’re building and be sure to retire things that are damaged or no longer useful. Pulling the plug when something has run it’s course clears the field for the new. Werner Ehrhard said, “It really  has to do with letting go of things you’re not winning with.” Say goodbye to the past and hello to the future today.