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We have added a new gallery feature to this site (we moved specifically so we could improve the media offerings!)

Please enjoy these images from Jetsunma’s Prayer room. Please offer us your feedback!

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Images from Jetsunma’s Prayer Room

Cyber Prayer Room

Dear Dharma Friends,
I am delighted to introduce this new site, Tibetan Buddhist Altar. It is my hope that it will offer those who are traveling, those who are home bound, those in hospital or ill a way to stay connected to the Buddhist Sangha.

One can always establish a sacred space, anywhere. In fact, one can practice meditation anywhere- inside, outside, on a bus, in a plane- everywhere.

The way to begin is to familiarize oneself with images that work as a support for one’s practice.

For example, we have all seen images of Buddha. There are many styles according to different cultures- but the image is universally recognizable. So here we are all ready familiar with an image of support for meditation. The idea is to become comfortable with and strong in visualization.

On this site we will offer enlightened images for your use and consideration. And for contemplation and prayer. Happily, as one studies, these images become more and more familiar and easier to visualize.

We will also learn to build one’s own altar. How to pack a small box altar for traveling.  How to respect and care for holy objects. And learn simple meditation.

If one wishes to recite mantra, we will learn how to string a proper mala, or set of prayer beads. So we will be taking some big first steps on the path of Holy Dharma.

We will also create sacred space by learning how to cleanse, purify, and bless one’s home.

Not everyone lives near a Buddhist Temple or knows a Buddhist Master.  But one can always do some kind of meditation practice.  We on this site are hoping to help.

We will begin with offering these precious and extroadinary images so that one can now begin to study, contemplate, and remember. Then we will build a “cyber altar”. We will show the very simple, and the very elaborate so one will have many choices and a large, inspirational library.

Please feel free to download these images, enjoy, and learn.  Learn the Buddhas, the Stupas, the enlightened Lamas- so precious to our hearts and practice.

It is so necessary to receive the blessing of a truly qualified Master to ripen the potential of one’s mind. To receive that blessing from a living Master is a treasure- and so necessary for real practice. I am fortunate to have studied with HH the third Drubwang Pema Norbu Rinpoche. He has sadly recently passed- but was considered a true living Buddha. His image, and that of other highly realized Lamas will be shared for the benefit.

I will regularly offer teachings, guidance and advise.  Although this site is just now being developed we will eventually have an “ask the Lama” section. And a section where one can meet long-time practitioners and dialogue with them. Their experiences are invaluable.

Until next time, then. I very much look forward to this new avenue to learn, and to connect. May all the blessings of the Holy Dharma be yours!

In Faith and Friendship,
Ahkon Norbu Lhamo
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