Astrology for 12/5/2020

12/5/2020 Saturday by Jampal & Wangmo

Theme: Watch me today

With the Moon in Leo interacting strongly with our sense of purpose, and our assertive and relational energy, we want to express ourselves creatively today. We are inspired. We are able to achieve our goals more easily than almost any other time. The next several days will be more of a mixed bag, with some confusion and lower vitality. Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions. ~Albert Einstein

Astrology for 12/4/2020

12/4/2020 Friday by Jampal & Wangmo

Theme: Fantasy and Compassion

Venus, our relationships, and Neptune, our ideals, harmonize for several days. We are not so tuned to practical reality, but our creativity is enhanced. We can go beyond fantasy and day dreaming and express great compassion. The Moon has entered Leo, which reinforces our creative and playful side. Today we are balanced between our intellect and our feelings, and can be a good talker or listener. If we studied bodhicitta, or the mind of compassion, every single day for the rest of our lives, we would not even scratch its surface because it is so profound. ~Jetsunma Ahkon Norbu Lhamo

Today the moon is void of course from 5:30 am EDT USA until 7:54 am . If you are in another country check what that means for you time-wise. It’s best to avoid making major decisions or sign contracts during this time.

Astrology for 12/3/2020

12/3/2020 Thursday by Wangmo & Jampal

Theme: Resilience

It’s a day of big emotions and heightened reactions. But it’s also a day of fortitude, strength and insights. It’s a time of keeping faith and keeping on going. People are wearing their hearts on their sleeves. A feeling of family connection is stabilizing. Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in.~Robert Frost

Astrology for 12/2/2020

12/2/2020 Wednesday by Wangmo & Jampal

Theme: Connections

With Venus in harmonious connection to the Moon today there is a generosity of spirit that helps cement friendships. There is a wish to branch out and try different ways of operating. With the Moon in Cancer home, family and hearth are the focus. Memories are stronger. Remembrance is neither what happened nor what did not happen but, rather, their potentialization, their becoming possible once again.~Giorgio Agamben

Astrology for 12/1/2020

12/1/2020 Tuesday by Wangmo & Jampal

Theme: Small is beautiful

With the Moon Void of Course for most of the day it’s a day of completions and tidying up ends – not grand projects. The moon is on the wane for the next two weeks making it even more timely to complete unfinished tasks. Today the planet of communication moves into Sagittarius bringing a broader perspective on matters. Every phase of our life belongs to us.~Lucy Larcom

Today the Moon is Void of Course until 10.33 pm EST USA. If you’re in another country check what that means for you time-wise. It’s best to avoid making major decisions or signing contracts during this time.

Astrology for 11/30/2020

11/30/2020 Monday by Wangmo & Jampal

Theme: Luna sensations

Today there will be a penumbral lunar eclipse between 2.32am and 6.53am EST. The moon is veiled for a time by the outer shadow of the earth and will appear darker than normal. The height of the eclipse will be at 4.43am. This is a subtle eclipse. In the short-term it’s a potent time for spiritual practice and, in the longer-term, marks an end to a chapter in one’s life. The future is yet to be written. And lift a cup to bright moon, ask it to join me, then face my shadow and we become three.~Li Bai

Astrology for 11/29/2020

11/29/2020 Sunday by Jampal & Wangmo

Theme: Breaking Free, or Growing Despite Limitations

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and benefit, unites with Saturn, the planet of restriction and karma, for the next 6 weeks. We may break free from limitations or grow within them during this time. This should have a positive effect on Covid-19 and other world problems. Today is a fortunate day to accomplish our goals. We also become more social and light-hearted as the Moon moves into Gemini in the middle of the day. The first rule on breaking a rule is to know everything about the rule. ~Nuno Roque

Today the moon is void of course from 7:50 am EDT USA until 11:17 am . If you are in another country check what that means for you time-wise. It’s best to avoid making major decisions or sign contracts during this time.

Astrology for 11/28/2020

11/28/2020 Saturday by Jampal & Wangmo

Theme: Highly Sensitive

Especially in the middle of the day, we are very tuned into other peoples moods. Compassion and caring for others is the way to go. Expect some disruption to our activities. We can make adjustments, and things will flow smoothly. This is the day to focus on large issues of life. Our thinking is broad and curious. Study religion, philosophy and foreign cultures. When you reach the end of what you should know, you will be at the beginning of you should sense. ~Kahlil Gibran

Astrology for 11/27/2020

11/27/2020 Friday by Jampal & Wangmo

Theme: Finding Solutions

The Covid-19 crisis and other world situations are ripe for problem solving the next two days. What problems can each of us solve in our lives? Communication in close partnerships is favored today as well. We feel impulsive in the middle of the day. Patience does not come easily, but look before you leap. Late in the day we will be emotionally more stable. I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious. ~Albert Einstein

Astrology for 11/26/2020

11/26/2020 Thursday by Jampal & Wangmo

Theme: Thinking verses Feeling

Our thinking and communication is bolstered by Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn over the next 4 days. Solving mysteries, making big plans and detailed concentration are all favored during this period. Emotionally we are challenged by the same planets, today. We will struggle with obsessions, may be overbearing, and then isolate with depression towards the end of the day. Being aware of these tendencies can help mitigate them. Whether you think you can, or think you can’t–you’re right. ~Henry Ford

Today the moon is void of course from 6:47 pm EDT USA until 10:44 pm . If you are in another country check what that means for you time-wise. It’s best to avoid making major decisions or sign contracts during this time.

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