Astrology for 11/14/2018

11/14/2018 Monday by Jampal & Wangmo

Theme : Relationships and insight 

The Moon’s placement today makes for harmony and understanding in relationships, despite the occasional surprises. For the next week healings can be expected in our spiritual connections. Beware of  fanciful ideas today, and keep your communication as clear as possible. I think for any relationship to be successful there needs loving communication, appreciation, and understanding.~Miranda Kerr

What Is Chod?

The following is respectfully quoted from “Compassionate Action” by Chatral Rinpoche:

Chöd means “cut” and is a practice for destroying ego-clinging by offering your body, cut into pieces and converted into pure nectar, as sustenance for the enlightened ones, the hungry ghosts, demons, and other sentient beings. It is traditionally practiced at charnel grounds and cemeteries.




11/13/2018 Tuesday by Jampal & Wangmo

Theme: Whose in control?

There continue to be larger forces at work and today is no exception. You will not have immediate control over this situation. Expect emotional upsets that come from the past. On the positive side there are opportunities for learning, growth and healing old wounds. Aye, the haggis in the fire now for sure!~Scotty, Star Trek

Today the Moon is Void of Course from 10.14 am EST USA until 10.46 am. If you’re in another country check what that means for you time-wise. It’s best to avoid making major decisions or signing contracts during this time.


11/12/2018 Monday by Wangmo & Jampal

Theme: Cutting through confusion

For the next two weeks the challenge is to navigate communication conundrums while the planet of other realities (Neptune) is in challenging aspect to the planet of communication and thought (Mercury). Be very clear when you speak and check your motivation before you do as there is a lot of potential for misunderstandings and miscommunication.  This is not the best time to make  big commitments or plans. He seemed to think we were on the same page. I wasn’t even sure we were reading the same book.~Jodie Andrefski


11/11/2018 Sunday by Wangmo & Jampal

Theme: Emotional restrictions

Today your hands are tied about what you can and can’t express. You may feel isolated today. But no person is an island and by focusing on your purpose you will have a productive day with a sense of direction. Good things can come in quiet moments when your realize you’re not separate the universe, leading to deeper thoughts about the nature of reality. You can understand that by believing in a surviving, eternal ego, you are following a fool off a cliff.~Jetsunma Ahkon Norbu Lhamo

Astrology for 11/10/2018

11/10/2018 Saturday by Jampal & Wangmo

Theme: Emotional balance

There is a good balance today between emotions, relationships and activity. At the same time there is much enthusiasm. Yet, this enthusiasm, and idealism, needs to be tempered with realism. The sense of purpose is deeply aligned with transformation and mysticism. Happiness is a skill, emotional balance is a skill, compassion and altruism are skills, and like any skills they need to be developed. That is what education is about.~Mathieu Ricard

No Short Cuts

The following is an excerpt from a teaching by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo called “Antidoting the Mantra of Samsara”

As a part of Ngondro, we have to accomplish 100,000 repetitions of a short version of the Bodhisattva Vow,  the Bodhicitta mantra. Do you think to yourself, “Well what’s the goal here?  See, I’m trying to be compassionate. O.k. so from now on I’m just going to be nice.”  Have you ever tried to make that decision?  From now on you’re going to be nice?  Have you ever tried to do that?  How long did it last?  Maybe five minutes if you’re lucky!  I think the all-time world record for a woman is 28 days!  And that goes for her husband also!  So it really can’t be done. You can’t just decide you’re going to be compassionate. And why is that?  Because you still have the weight of these ancient habitual tendencies and deluded perceptions.

The Buddha teaches us that what’s needed here is to recite the Bodhicitta mantra at least 100,000 times with the correct absorption, correct mental concentration, mental imaging, and mental visualization, just as you are taught by the Buddha. Don’t make up your own religion now. Don’t do that!  Practice what the Buddha has taught you just like the Buddha says, and that will change that. Rather than thinking “Oh, let me see if I can rewrite this religion to make it a little easier,” which you guys have all tried to do, haven’t you?  Yes, we know that. So, instead of rewriting the religion, we actually practice it the way that it was given. But we’re thinking, “Wouldn’t it be nice, instead of this 100,000 business, why don’t we sort of do it the new way?  This is a new age isn’t it?  We’ll just think positive all of the time.” Anybody ever tried to think positive all the time?  That’s another fun one. The world record for that is also 28 days.

So we have to understand that what’s recommended here is not arbitrary. Some Buddhist person didn’t show up a long time ago and say “Let’s see, when it gets to be about 1996, how are we going to torture these people?”  It wasn’t like that at all. These practices are meant to antidote your particular situation. You must understand that these were not given to us by ordinary sentient beings. These were not authored by someone who felt that they had an answer the way many of our New Age wisdoms are. You know, nowadays we hear people coming up with wisdom all the time, all kinds of wisdom.They came up with it two years ago, five years ago—how to dream, how to vision. Everybody’s got some wisdom.

But this stuff that comes from the Buddha is different. What actually occurred here is that the very mind of enlightenment appeared in the world as the perfected Buddha. This was not an ordinary sentient being. This is the Buddha nature appearing in the world in a form that we can see with our eyes. And from the mind of that nature, from the mind of that one, from that, directly from the Buddha nature itself, this antidotal process was given. It’s not the same as some mom and pop wisdom somebody cooked up nowadays. So it’s not going to sound like, “Let’s put a bandaid on an ulcer.” It’s not going to sound like “O.k. you’ve been alive since time out of mind creating lots of nonvirtue. Just think positive. Everything will be fine.”  It’s not going to sound like that.

It’s going to sound like what it is. The necessary solution for what ails you according to what you actually are, not according to your over-simplified understanding of yourself. So the Buddha has given a very deep, very extensive, very profound method for a very deep, extensive and profound problem. And there are no shortcuts.

Copyright © Jetsunma Ahkon Norbu Lhamo.  All rights reserved


Astrology for 11/09/2018

11/09/2018 Friday by Wangmo & Jampal

Theme: Bright ideas

Today, you may feel uplifted by hearing about or participating in big ideas that promote a better, optimistic world. There is also more ease and harmony between masculine and female energy. Relationships continue to be stretched in ways that you did not think were possible. Past habits are being forcibly changed to make way for new possibilities. This process is not comfortable. The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it.~Marcus Aurelius

Astrology for 11/08/2018

11/08/2018 Thursday by Wangmo & Jampal

Theme: Freedom to express

Today the planet of good fortune and expansion, Jupiter, enters its own sign of Sagittarius marking a new period of optimism and idealism. With the Moon close by to Jupiter there is an emotional freedom to this expression. This optimism can manifest in renewed hope in close relationships. The sign of Sagittarius is not know for diplomacy so think before you speak is a helpful motto. The secret to happiness is freedom…And the secret to freedom is courage.~Thucydides

Today the Moon is Void of Course from 5.43am EST USA until 2.01pm. If you’re in another country check what that means for you time-wise. It’s best to avoid making major decisions or signing contracts during this time.