Emotion is in the picture today, and family ties are significant.  Food is extremely alluring.  Miss Piggy said, “Never eat more than you can lift.” This is a temptation today!  Try to avoid overeating.  The hunger is a reaction to what you’ve just been through.  A sudden situation triggers a surprising emotional reaction.  Keep your goals in mind and you’ll remain stable. Comfort food and comfort people are what’s most needed now. Don’t stray too far from familiar places and people. Shopping is good, as are secret financial matters or investments.  An opportunity presents itself that is quite interesting. Don’t refuse anything outright, but do ask for time to think.  Remember the emotional volatility that characterizes the day and be aware that you’ll see things differently in time.

The daily astrology post affects everyone. Because individual charts vary, the circumstances outlined in the post will affect people differently. Some will feel this energy in the personal arena, some in finances, some with children or family, some in work and so forth. There are many departments of life. Look to see where the dynamic affects you!


Love!  Romance!  This is your day!  If you don’t spend time with your sweetie, shame on you.  No matter what, be with people you care for today.  Go out to dinner, make a call, whatever.  You can even enjoy your work, thanks to the favorable aspects between Venus and Mars.  Anything done with enthusiasm will be enjoyable.  It’s a good business day as well.  Meet important people, make favorable contacts.  It’s a time for building, for putting things into place.  A new scenario is being created, a new world.  At the same time, everyone is in the mood to talk.  No matter what you’re doing, factor in extra time for people to “tell you all about it.”  Conversations seem endless, but don’t stop them.  Everyone is working hard and talk is both the creativity and the entertainment.  Leonardo Da Vinci said, “Just as iron rusts from disuse, even so does inaction spoil the intellect.” Talk, and think!

Disrespecting a Wisdom Female: The 14th Root Downfall

The following is respectfully quoted from “Perfect Conduct” with commentary by Dudjom Rinpoche:


The fourteenth is both generally and specifically disrespecting a wisdom female, directly or indirectly, in such a way that the female comes to know about it.

This downfall occurs if one tries to trick or blatantly disrespects any female or disrespects one’s own wisdom consort. To do this directly or indirectly, to feel satisfaction about it, and for it to then be heard by the woman concerned constitutes the fourteenth downfall.

These fourteen downfalls are delineated according to gravity. The first carries the heaviest karmic weight, with each decreasing in weight thereafter. However, since they are all root downfalls, the consequence of a break or deterioration is considered to be a failure of mantra morality. The way that these precepts relate to the four levels of mantra empowerment is as follows: the thirteenth relates to each of the four empowerments and the substances that ones promises to utilize during each empowerment respectively; the fifth corresponds to the secret empowerment; the fourteenth corresponds to the fourth empowerment. After one receives the vase empowerment, these nine root precepts must be guarded, or they constitute root downfalls. However, if only the vase empowerment has been received, the remaining five, if allowed to deteriorate, do not constitute downfalls. After the remaining three secret empowerments are received, all fourteen precepts must be guarded.

A Dog Story

The following is from a series of tweets by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo:

Haven’t been on today, I had to concentrate on my Grandoggie. She has been lonely for friends (she has a good mom) and we’ll do day care. It’s important to introduce new friends correctly. They are all the same size and non-aggressive. I had her with me and the elders earlier, and with the youngers  with me later.

Jada and Kito, two of the “elders”

She (Macy) is Shi Tsu, six years old.


Works with the elders as Pekes live longer. Macy is a good girl and wants to play with the youngers. Alas, they cannot show her “the way” and the elders will. Kindly. They are a successful pack.

Zeus and Lika, two of the “youngers”

Dolly, who knows she is a peach, cried. She has been working the ladder through sweetness and light. And now a new bitch shows up. Stinks.


  No worries, though Mom, Lelah , and Jada are watching out.





It’s a powerful time, and important matters are being slowly and steadily hammered into place.  Secret negotiations are ongoing, and if you assume you don’t have the whole story on things you’re right!   A transfer of power and of assets is taking place, and the decisions are generally good.  If you haven’t made plans for your own estate, please do so.  Supporting others is extremely important.  You can put a floor under an organization or a person that makes all the difference. Louis Ginsberg said, “The only things we ever keep are what we give away.”  If you bear in mind that what’s under the surface is more important than what’s apparent, things go well.  At the same time, happiness is present and short distance travel is satisfying.  Call, write and email people you care for.  Reading is satisfying, and conversation is pleasing.  Trust your hunches and act on them immediately.

Failing to Rely Upon the Appropriate Samaya Substances: the 13th Root Downfall

The following is respectfully quoted from “Perfect Conduct” with commentary by Dudjom Rinpoche:

4.b.3(b.13) Failing to rely upon appropriate samaya substances:

The thirteenth is failing to rely upon necessary word of honor substances at the required time.

During Vajrayana ceremonies, such as the ganacakra feast and on other specific occasions, the gathered disciples are seen as dākas and dākinis. Those dākas and dākinis possess mantra materials such as vajra and bell, partake of the five meats and the five nectars, sing special songs of invocation, and dance according to the samaya requirements. Holding the view of the śravakas or the pratyekas during these times, and thus failing to partake or participate because of that view, constitutes the downfall.


At last you are able to fully move forward.  Your mind is facing the future instead of looking backward!  Secret contracts and purchases are important and joint resources matter now: investments anyone?  They are good.  Opposing forces have decided it’s in their best interest to unite and work out their differences.  Former enemies are busily meeting and singing “Love Me Tender” to each other.  If someone tells you a secret, keep it!  Business goes well, and relationships with older folks are good.  Anything to do with bones, dental matters, mining and excavation is favored.  Time to dig a well or go on an archaeological trip!  Things under the surface are very important, as is travel and education.  Get moving!  Paul Nitze said, “One of the most dangerous forms of human error is forgetting what one is trying to achieve.”  Keep your goals in mind.

Causing Someone to Lose Faith: the 12th Root Downfall

The following is respectfully quoted from “Perfect Conduct” with commentary by Dudjom Rinpoche:

4.b.3(b.12) Causing someone to lose faith:

The twelfth is failing to accomplish the needs of any sentient being who possess the three levels of faith, failing to guard one’s own  mind, and being deceitful.

The three levels of faith are these: inspired faith, which arises upon recalling the noble qualities of the lama and the Three Jewels; emulating faith, which is the wish to achieve those same qualities; and convinced faith, which is single-pointed devotion. If someone who possesses these three levels of faith needs or asks for spiritual assistance, to then ignore them when one has the potential to help them constitutes the twelfth downfall. In addition, failing to guard one’s mind and acting immorally, speaking unkindly, or deceiving someone so as to impair, damage or reverse their faith also constitutes the twelfth downfall.



A solid love connection comes into being.  People declare themselves, step up to the plate and are ready to commit. Powerful figures approve, and others agree that this is the right thing. The occasion may be quite solemn, even sad, except for the fact that someone has hired a band or perhaps a belly dancer to celebrate the occasion. Or you’re having a parade, with clowns.  A serious occasion is brightened by joy!  Happy news comes unexpectedly, and everyone wants to tell you about everything!  The news keeps changing today.  A loss can occur, but it is making way for the new.  Heraclitis said, “You can never step into the same river twice, for new waters are always flowing on to you.”