Astrology for 9/14/2017

9/14/2017  Thursday by Norma

If your ego wasn’t flattened yesterday, it will be today as a project is scrapped or sent back to the drawing table for revision.  Don’t bother defending the amount of time and work you’ve invested,  just accept correction and move on.  Sympathetic people are nearby to offer help and solace.  A different venture, something hidden from sight, is developing apace and will blossom into something wonderful in time.    Three planets in Virgo bring out everyone’s inner critic, use this perceptiveness to identify people’s good qualities.  Ellen Burstyn said, “Most of my life, if a man did something totally other than the way I thought it should be done, I would try to correct him.  Now I say, ‘Oh, isn’t that interesting.'”  Charm and kindness solve all your issues if you remember to use them today.

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