All Phenomena Are Compounded

The following is respectfully quoted from “What Makes You Not a Buddhist” by Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche:


Without a single scientific tool, Prince Siddhartha sat on a patch of kusha grass beneath a ficus religiosa tree investigating human nature. After a long time of contemplation, he came to the realization that all form, including our flesh and bones, and all our emotions and perceptions, are assembled–they are the product of two or more things coming together. When any two components or more come together, a new phenomenon emerges–nails and wood become a table; water and leaves become tea; fear, devotion and a savior become God. This end product doesn’t have an existence independent of it’s parts. Believing it truly exists independently is the greatest deception. Meanwhile the parts have undergone a change. Just by meeting, their character has changed and, together they have become something else–they are all “compounded.”

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5 thoughts on “All Phenomena Are Compounded

  1. Your Wisdom!! I’m not online for little while but your lectures etc keep us close to you.What a nice explanation to Compound existence strengthening the concept of
    co-operate and co-exustence. Together we
    Compound the Strength,Quality and Utility or usefulness.Thank you very much.

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