A difference of opinion appears with someone you care for.  That you care is what creates the problem.  Financial matters are tricky, and affection is not a reason to let yourself get scalped by a bad deal. Back off on fundraising today, it goes awry and can result in hurt feelings.  An authority figure is full of power and ideas and this person has the ability to stabilize a situation that has become wobbly.  Something is being steadily re-built, and this is where true progress lies.  Imagine a bombed-out city under re-construction or a dilapidated house in the process of renovation.  Something that has died is being reborn, brought back to life.  This includes structures and, ahem, people.  If you have let yourself slip, now is the time for rehabilitation!  Remember, fixing things from the past is the theme these days.  Avoid those who think repair is impossible, they are obstructing progress.   Samuel Johnson said, “Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome.”

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