Q&A: Karma, Cause and Effect

JALonBBQuote from Jetsunma: “”All phenomena, the moment it naturally arises is completed.”

Question from student: Jetsunma, can you please explain that in more detail?

Jetsunma: There is no separation in time, and when phenomena arises both cause and effect manifest completely and together.

Question from student: …often so much time separates cause &effect that we can’t remember! Why do we experience things different from the way they are?

Jetsunma: We’ve experienced uncountable lives. Plenty of room for mistakes and good result both.

Question: OK, but if no separation in time, why do we experience cause &effect as separate?

Jetsunma: Because we have dualistic minds and it is we who perceive wrongly. Om Ah Hung Benzar Guru Pedma Siddhi Hung

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