Work It Out

The following is from a series of tweets by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo:

I just watched some program on TV about sociopathic criminals and killers. Fascinating stuff. They do not know their crimes are wrong.

The killers, particularly, do not have empathy, thinking they are entitled to murder. They identify all people to be “less” than them. And their victim’s pain is pleasure to them, sometimes even erotic. They fixate, and cannot disengage unless there is a new victim. They may obsess over the victim until their “personality” totally unravels and they cannot control their rage.

Some have awful childhoods, though not all. There is a genetic component. They also cannot cope with feelings inside them. It is all directed outward, toward certain types, race, religion, or the world at large. Facts don’t influence them, they construct their own.

Fascinating how different they are from the norm of society. Really interesting stuff, the interviewer was a retired FBI special agent. She was impressive, knew how to manage the prisoner to avoid agitation and was skillful.

I’m still scratching my head, because many who also have had childhood trauma manage to work it out. They do not abuse others but they do suffer. But they do the inner “work” and grow to care for others. That’s how they fix it. They work it until they can make a medicine, an antidote. They flush the hate and live with compassion and love.

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