Praying for the Return of His Holiness Penor Rinpoche

The following is from a series of tweets by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo:

Precious Guru beyond measure, Kyabje His Holiness Penor Rinpoche, please return to us swiftly! Without you there is no sun. Our hearts fill with tears each day your precious face is hidden from the world. May your Dharma heir Palyul His Holiness Karma Kuchen stand up with strength, power and glory to carry on all you have built, your great accomplishment in the world. I vow to uphold as well your blessings, especially those bestowed on me, your bumbling servant. Forgive me for this wretched sadness since your Parinirvana. Please remain enthroned in my heart, grant me the power of our ancient Lineage and all the Throneholders, from the mighty Kunzang Sherab and the extraordinary Terton child Migure Dorje, the very foundation on which Palyul was built! Kyabje Rinpoche, when you enthroned me you bestowed all the blessings of Palyul on me and I pray in gratitude for the strength to uphold. I confess every lack or weakness and vow at your very lotus feet to attend to the gift of loving kindness you have granted. Your compassion, your Bodhicitta, your purity, are needed like a desert needs rain. Therefore if I have any merit in the three times I beg you, Tsawei Lama to return in glory and without obstacle! You, Guru above the crown of my head, my bliss, my treasure, my “king,” my love, our Father, all of us, do not abandon us! I beg you with precious jeweled Mandala, return to us all!

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