Celebrating Love

I wish all beings a safe, peaceful holiday, filled with joy and warmth. May every Blessing rain upon you as silver drops of love! May you all walk in beauty and awareness; may you always be mindful of our natural gifts. Stars, Sun, Moon – and share with all! We are keeping our spirits up, though a Christmas in hiding from my stalker that was released a few days ago.

I don’t want to give up on this rebirth, I can still be strong. Fundamentally, I am strong. Just beaten up, and some PTSD. Nothing a secret island wouldn’t cure. My wish is to regain confidence, to feel secure enough to continue in my work. And I want to come home.

All the kindness and support are everything to me now!I will not be put off serving sentient beings with Dharma, food, shelter, love. Nothing has that power. Nothing is stronger than love! Don’t ever believe otherwise. Hate seems strong. But it is a bully. Hate is weak, that’s why it is so loud. Only ugly is behind it. No substance.To all of Palyul – thank you! Tsewei Lama you remain on the Lotus seat of my heart. May Palyul thrive, and may I always be reborn to this sacred noble family!

© Jetsunma Ahkön Lhamo all rights reserved

Peace for the Holidays?

The wind has picked up and sky is overcast. Getting chilly, can feel the winter around the corner. Not long before the Holidays AGAIN – happens faster each year. Sigh…

I’ve always thought winter holidays are a study in impermanence. We anticipate, are excited, get busy, buy everything, decorate, cook, buy more, wrap, list, lust, eat and drink too much, put those bikes together,- did I say BUY?? Kids go crazy, families go insane and it all happens with the speed of light!

Then it is over. Kids have developed ADD, parents have PTSD, we are fat and broke, too many trees cut for the boxes and wrappping paper and it is OVER!

Then it’s time to clean up, put it all back, work out and eat celery and lettuce. And nobody knows why, except as ex-president Bush reminded us, our patriotic DUTY is to overspend for the sake of the economy.

Maybe we should re-examine and meditate and pray instead. It is good for you! And will last you a heck of a lot longer! Plus you are peaceful, and no PTSD!  Wouldn’t it be good not to get post-holiday blues?

The world needs more care and prayer than trees cut down; just something to think about, isn’t it?