Refuge and Bodhicitta

From the ” Path of the Bodhisattva
A Collection of Thirty-Seven Practices”

Until the heart of enlightenment is realized,
I take refuge in all the Buddhas.

Likewise, I take refuge in the dharma
and the bodhisattvas and their assemblies.

Just as the sugatas of the past
aroused the awakened mind of bodhicitta

and trained in the way of the bodhisattvas
to gradually accomplish the stages of development,

similarly, for the benefit and purpose of beings,
by awakening bodhicitta and

training in the conduct of the bodhisattvas,
I shall gradually develop on the levels of training.

(repeat three times)

Today I have picked the fruit of this lifetime.
The meaning of this human existence is now realized.

Today I am born into the family of the Buddhas
and have become an heir of the enlightened ones!

Now, no matter what occurs hereafter,
my activities will be in conscientious accord with the family,

and I shall never engage in conduct that could
possibly sully this faultless family!

Like a blind man in a heap of refuse,
suddenly, by chance, finding a precious jewel,

similarly, this occasion is such that
today I have given rise to the awakened mind!

Today, before all of my objects of refuge,
the sugatas, as well as all beings,

I call to bear witness where the guests of this occasion —
the devas, the titans, and others — all join together to rejoice!

The precious bodhicitta,
if unborn, may it arise;

when generated, may it never diminish,
and may it always remain ever-increasing!

Never apart from bodhicitta,
engaged in the conduct of the awakened ones,

being held fast by all of the Buddhas,
may all demonic activities be fully abandoned!

May all the bodhisaattvas
accomplish the welfare of others, according to their wisdom mind’s intentions.

Whatever wisdom intention these protectors may have,
may it come to pass for all sentient beings.

May all sentient beings be endowed with bliss,
may all the lower realms be permanently emptied!

May all the bodhisattvas, on whatever bhumi they remain,
fully accomplish all of their aspirations!