Supplication to Mandarava

“Dissolving in the expanse of space
like a rainbow, without remains,
She departed to the
Akanishta Paradise of Pamavyuha.
She transformed into the embodiment
of the supreme consort,
The secret primordial wisdom dakini.
To the feet of Mandarava, I supplicate!
Together with nine hundred
pure awareness holder disciples,
After dissolving into a rainbow body,
she manifested herself once again
for the benefit of others.
Mandarava emanated unceasingly,
manifesting herself as a dakini to tame
the minds of beings in
every essential way.
To the feet of Mandarava I supplicate!”
— Guru Padmasambava

Qualities: excerpts from Palyul Clear Light

“When one has some little bit of quality or knowledge, one should not think pridefully ‘Oh, I am so great’. Then one’s quality and knowledge will degenerate, and in the future it will be even more difficult to give rise to these kinds of qualities and knowledge”

The previous #quote is from Kyabje HHPenor Rinpoche With thanks to Kenchen Tsewang Gyatso and PALYUL CLEAR LIGHT

THE STAINLESS ESSENCE TANTRA says: Merit accumulated from prayer. Offering, and making praises before the image of your Lama is infinate and countless. Merely seeing him cleanses bad karma; merely hearing his words generates positive qualities; merely rembering him merges your mind with his. That which is very hard to find in ten million eons is attained in an instant. All these qualities come from the Lama!

The Stainless Essence Tantra thanks to Palyul Clear Light.


How I wish there was something to say

To nuture the dreams we have today

To seek the path and find a way

To hold you close, to sway,

To music only we can hear- Sacrament of joy spoken to my ear- I love you;

I love you;

ah, my Dear What secret whisper brought you here!

I love you.

So very clear I miss you can you not hear My sighs?

My light?

Floating down the river night

Soon be gone from your sight.

Love you.

Twitter’s Full Potential

Dear Twitterville, I woke up pretty sick today. Woke up feeling I’d been beaten with a pipe. Then I saw on twitter last night I had! Hate. 

I woke up thrashing, crying, calling to the Buddhas and Protectors to help. Then I woke up and prayed. I’m exhausted and feeling awful. 

Hate should not be permitted to thrive on twitter. In today’s world it’s about connecting, loving, sharing, networking. Just as foster dogs got saved by me and my peeps due to Twitter.  And a friend given $$$ for rent. I call for twitter to be cleaned up and allowed to reach it’s full potential to improve our world and strengthen the world community. It should not be used to serve cruelty and evil.

We MUST band together and INSIST the haters + demonic types do not take us down.Complain LOUDLY, then block and ignore.Remember: war IS the enemy. 

What’s right is right; what’s wrong is wrong. Ethics matter. And we must with compassion, banish hate+lies. And give LOVE space to grow! 

Anyhow, I’m ill, my pack is worried as hell I don’t seem OK to them. Alpha#1 is down! Everyone panic! Poor loves. I’ll take them to cuddle.

Refuge and Bodhicitta

From the ” Path of the Bodhisattva
A Collection of Thirty-Seven Practices”

Until the heart of enlightenment is realized,
I take refuge in all the Buddhas.

Likewise, I take refuge in the dharma
and the bodhisattvas and their assemblies.

Just as the sugatas of the past
aroused the awakened mind of bodhicitta

and trained in the way of the bodhisattvas
to gradually accomplish the stages of development,

similarly, for the benefit and purpose of beings,
by awakening bodhicitta and

training in the conduct of the bodhisattvas,
I shall gradually develop on the levels of training.

(repeat three times)

Today I have picked the fruit of this lifetime.
The meaning of this human existence is now realized.

Today I am born into the family of the Buddhas
and have become an heir of the enlightened ones!

Now, no matter what occurs hereafter,
my activities will be in conscientious accord with the family,

and I shall never engage in conduct that could
possibly sully this faultless family!

Like a blind man in a heap of refuse,
suddenly, by chance, finding a precious jewel,

similarly, this occasion is such that
today I have given rise to the awakened mind!

Today, before all of my objects of refuge,
the sugatas, as well as all beings,

I call to bear witness where the guests of this occasion —
the devas, the titans, and others — all join together to rejoice!

The precious bodhicitta,
if unborn, may it arise;

when generated, may it never diminish,
and may it always remain ever-increasing!

Never apart from bodhicitta,
engaged in the conduct of the awakened ones,

being held fast by all of the Buddhas,
may all demonic activities be fully abandoned!

May all the bodhisaattvas
accomplish the welfare of others, according to their wisdom mind’s intentions.

Whatever wisdom intention these protectors may have,
may it come to pass for all sentient beings.

May all sentient beings be endowed with bliss,
may all the lower realms be permanently emptied!

May all the bodhisattvas, on whatever bhumi they remain,
fully accomplish all of their aspirations!

An Excerpt from: PATH OF THE BODHISATVA A collection of the 37 practices by Shantideva

From the Master Shantideva: For when with irreversible intent the mind embraces Bodhicitta with a willingness to set free the endless multitudes of beings, at that instant and from that moment onward, a great and unremitting stream, a strength of wholesome merit, even during sleep and inattention, rises equal to the vastness of the sky. For like the supreme substance of the alchemists, it takes the the impure form of human flesh and makes of it the priceless body of a Buddha. Such is Bodhicitta; we must firmly embrace it!

Acting only in their own self-interest, the shravakas and pratyekabuddhas exert themselves as though extinguishing fires in their own own heads. How much more then should the Bodhisattva undertake to practice diligence, the source of all qualities that serve to benefit others. This is the way of bodhisattva practice.