The Stream of Bodhicitta

The following is from a series of tweets by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo

AH – May all beings be free of suffering.
May they recognize what to accept and what to reject, and pacify the root causes of suffering.
May we joyfully and lovingly accomplish compassionate activity for the sake of all sentient beings in all realms.
May the stream of Bodhicitta flow deep, strong and sweet, to quench the thirst of all beings.
May the fruit of merit ripen in our mind streams, nourishing all who are hungry.
May all who are homeless be sheltered, who are cold be warmed, who are sick be healed.
May all who are lonely be comforted, the helpless be raised up, the poor be satisfied in every way.
May our land be purified of hate and greed.
And may a song of freedom be heard throughout this and all nations.
May we join as one life, which is our nature – and be unbound by hatred, greed and ignorance.
May there be peace and joy throughout the 3,000 myriads of universes!
And may I myself bear in love, the suffering of all. Now and in the time to come.

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Rest, Retreat and Compassion

The following is from a series of tweets by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo:

Hello all! I’ve now got my blackberry replaced. It died from a coffee spill. RIP li’l feller. 

Now at my destination I am resting and will soon begin retreat in earnest. All has been travel, stay overs, re-connecting with the people of Palyul — so good. 

Now resting, study, practice.I will be back eventually, when it is safe, I’m healthier, and justice is finally done. I look forward to returning home. Grateful for the love and care I have been shown. 

Photos newly dug up are now available. At last the splendor of Palyul is here for all!I have so much to share with you! Ancient stories, teachings, modern from the heart teachings too. Slowly, one step at a time.

I’ve asked my students to keep up with the Occupy DC movement, and to help them. For now, hearty Tibetan soup, called tukpa with barley dough balls. Best food there is. Can we get more support to feed vegetarians please? And boiled eggs always help. Plus fresh fruit and coffee! 

Here I am treated like a queen. And want to be sure all are treated so well. 

My back is pretty messed up so I have to stay off my feet some, and walk with sticks some. I must conquor this pain! 

But in every other way it’s all good. I’m so much less stressed not having to look over my shoulder to see if I’m being followed. This is pure bliss and peace here. And inspiring too. It feels like a whole new chapter of life, at least my life is about to begin. I just need the opportunity that comes with safety and Bodhicitta, and will do all I can for sentient beings. That is all that matters to me. To postulate about Dharma is useless. To bring the love is without question the way to awakening and peace! 


Attain Your Potential

The following is from a series of tweets by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo:

Haha! Someone made my day today. I’ve been described as a rigid, Lineage-loving, “tow the line” Buddhist, and I couldn’t be more delighted! These same folks used to say I wasn’t real Palyul, or a real Buddhist, that my throne and crown were faked, and I was never really enthroned. Even with the video, papers, real throne and real crown and real cape. It is a riot!

I guess it shows if someone wants to hate, they will find a way and a reason. This is why lies and slander are so hurtful. It is mostly not true, and there is an agenda of hate or envy. Both are strong non-virtues, and mean spirited. The lesson here is hypocrisy and cowardice. It is so easy to judge and prey on another behind a computer, a wall of safety, maybe far away. Haters deliver lies, have few ethics and no compassion.

But they probably wouldn’t do it without the computer. If we look into each other’s eyes and hearts we see human suffering. Look deeper, we see ourselves. Some people have a lot of feelings around failure, having not contributed much. That is changeable. We can still do good works. There is no reason to play the failure tape over repeatedly in our thinking until it rots into hate. Just don’t compare yourself with anyone – period, end of story. And it looks pathetic if you do that and then flip into announcing your “realization” or that there is no true Enlightenment other than your own “take” on it, or your squirrely thinking will make the grade, somehow.

Just get out there and benefit sentient beings. They are real, and are crying. Feed the poor, love, heal, animal rescue, care for homeless, it is all here for you to do. So get out there. After you wash the feet and warm the tummies and offer comfort, you aren’t dead yet. The disenfranchised need you…us.

I will offer a grand Christmas this year: dinner, care, and a tiny gift for all. Then I’m broke. And happy! Come out with us! #OccupyLOVE #OWS

Be real. Be real. Then no one can call you anything but necessary. Because you (we) have seen their eyes, and there is the truth. They are us. We are them. And no Bodhisattva can be free or happy until we care for, and love them. Our brothers, our sisters, all. This is the way, and the secret. Love. Yes, love. Until you are empty. Then you have attained your potential.

#OccupyDC #OWS #PEACE÷Occupation #PALYUL

 © Jetsunma Ahkon Norbu Lhamo


The America I Loved

The following is from a series of tweets by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo:

Where did the United States of America go? I mean the one that I loved. The one that stood for something? The “don’t tread on me” place. The America that had services for poor, sick, hungry, homeless. The America that always gave more than others. The one with less hate.

Yeah, that America. It is still there on the map. But where is the land I love? And the people where did the middle class go? Our homes?

Dear sweet America, I miss you. I love you. And will do all I can to help you rise again! Please #OccupyEARTH #OccupyDC #OccupyUSA

You Are Hope! #Occupy #OWS #OccupyEarth

The following is from a series of tweets by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo:

Did you know that for vegan holidays one can stuff a large not over ripe pumpkin with chestnut and buttery root veggies, bread cubes, spices etc. And for your “manly” protein dish – a vegan lentil loaf with peanut butter based brown gravy. Yum delish! With brown rice and a salad to round it out! Don’t forget your reward, a glass of Champagne to toast the turkey you saved, and viva la Occupation! Got any extra for the soldiers of peace?

Find out where they are, bring comfort. They are prolly eating Cliff Bars, peanut butter and jelly, and looking for somewhere to soak their bruised feet: heroes. We should wash and oil their feet. I see Christ in their eyes. Love and suffering. Nurses! We can treat and bandage their feet. And feed them.

I see Lord Buddha in their bodies, true renunciation for the liberation of all sentient beings. I see the chariots in battle, the Lord Krishna and his entourage, valiantly charging the enemies of truth. May this battle be won!

Dear, valiant noble ones, I look in your eyes and I see the true face. And I love you, my heart follows you; you are hope!

#OCCUPY Wall ST! #OccupyBerkley #OccupyEARTH #OccupyCal #OccupyTibet #OccupyHIPHop #JustTAKEitBACK #JustOccupy! #TRUTH #FeedThePOOR #LOVE

© Jetsunma Ahkon Norbu Lhamo

We The People

The following is a series of tweets from Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo offered in support of the #Occupy movements:

For those who bring compassion to the people OM MANI PEDME HUNG! May you abide in the comfort of love.

For those who may die or are being hurt from the struggle. OM AMI DEWA HRI. You will be crowned as a protector of “we the people.”

For those who break through ignorance with the sword of wisdom. OM AH RA PA TSA NA DHI – You are the bringers of the way for “we the people.”

For all who hunger for the clear light of Primordial Nature and safety – Long Life for all OM TARE TUTARE TURE PUNYE PUSHTIM AH YOU PUSHTIM KURU YE SOHA. You may save us all!

For you who treasure truth and pray for the liberation of “we the people” – OM AH HUNG VAJRA GURU PEMA NORBU SIDDHI HUNG- I treasure you, the beautiful.

For those who wish to serve the people and feed the poor – OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA – May you have, and share, every gift in every form. I love you.

May “we the people” gather, talk, march, pray, be together as one to birth a new world of virtue and compassion for all.

I believe. I believe in you.

Thank you all for your good efforts.

Peace. Occupy Earth!

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Occupy With Prayer

Occupy Oakland the night of Wednesday, October 26th. j_sight/yfrog

At the request of Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo, KPC will hold a prayer accumulation weekend (November 5th and 6th) dedicated to Peaceful Occupation, and to those who have been harmed by force and brutality, that we the people might live in peace. She is calling it “Occupy With Prayer.” This will take place at KPC in Maryland, at the Amitabha Stupa in Sedona, Arizona or right here online!

Everyone is welcome. Buddhists and non-buddhists alike are encouraged to come pray, join the group practices and meditation, and circumambulate the stupas to make wishing prayers and offerings. Please join us on twitter if you are not near the temple or Stupa!



  • 10am: Recitation of the Prajnaparamita 108 times – for a copy of the prayer to recite click here
  • Shower of Blessings practice and tsog (food offering ceremony) will follow the Prajnaparamita recitation and a meal break. For a copy of the Shower of Blessings you can click here or you can recite the Seven Line Prayer
  • Evening: Vajrakilaya – after the tsog  we will do Vajrakilaya for the evening. Note: this puja requires empowerment in order to participate. Those without the empowerment can accumulate the Seven Line Prayer during this time.


  • The same schedule will be repeated on Sunday.

The Gift

The following is from a series of tweets by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo:

A peaceful mind is a precious jewel, more precious than any gem in the world. It is because jewels cannot make you happier for long, and they can be lost, stolen, or broken. That is not the case with a peaceful mind.

If one trains the mind in calm abiding, subdues greed, trains in Bodhicitta, gains view of the condition of samsara, and discovers its impermanence, then understanding will come. There is no gift, no wealth, no treasure like a peaceful, loving mind. Nothing worldly is worth striving for except the opportunity to serve others. If we do that, our dominating ego quiets, the endless craving, the endless hatred, the boundless confusion of pride, and neediness for attention, all gradually and gently disappear like an early morning mist. It does take effort, yet the mist will vanish and reveal the glory and beauty of our true face, the natural, unborn, yet completely fulfilled Primordial Ground of our nature – the Buddha nature. It is so present, so fresh, so now, yet seems totally out of reach. That is why we must study method.  No good result can possibly come from poor conduct, and wild acting out with an unstable mind cannot bring satisfaction, love, peace, joy or character.

Here the nation is falling apart, losing freedom due to fear and negative intention.  Our planet is being raped and poisoned by those who think, pridefully, that it is their right to do so. We are being crushed under the weight of our own twisted confusion. What we still don’t understand is that the main battle is within. If we wake up in time, as is the case with Occupy Wall Street, we must also understand that what we are doing in our head is also important. If altruism is not the basis, hate will rule. If kindness is not there, the result will be more of the same. If greed wins, we will have nothing.

So train well in spirit and heart-mind long before the time comes when we will see this new, brave world convulse itself into birth. This way we will actually contribute to a better world, rather than build a shiny new floor over the same old hate and societal insanity. We cannot afford this. Mama Earth cannot afford this. The bliss and joy of true accomplishment and awakened view is so immediate and beautiful in a new, pristine way. We have Buddha in the palm of our hand! The gift.

Copyright © Jetsunma Ahkon Norbu Lhamo.  All rights reserved

Occupy Wall Street!

Occupy Wall St. Protesters left Zuccotti Park to march to Washington Square on Saturday. > (Bryan Smith for News)

The following is from a series of tweets by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo:

I don’t understand the suppression of Occupy Wall Street news. The more it is bottled up the bigger the explosion will be. Do we want to defeat the protesters? As in a war? Aren’t they our people? Occupy Wall Street is in every continent. These people are us. Why not listen? These OWS protesters watch corporations like Enron drain us dry. We are not the proud people of USA, who grew and made progress in life. Our jobs are gone overseas, our services gone, if we follow our corrupt leaders we will run off a cliff. We love our nations. But we are being drained, our planet is dying- and no one but the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations are telling the truth. Why can’t we sit together and talk?

Occupy Wall Street is the biggest story on earth, along with Fukushima. Why the cover up? We are afraid, do not trust our government/corporations and demand change to benefit “we the people,” not the giants that beat and jail the OWS people. The government should answer to people. Occupy Wall Street!

When I was young I marched to change the world. And here we are again. You should listen this time. Occupy Wall Street!

See also: Prayers for Peace and Change

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